Angie and Yvie spill on future reality TV shows and Celebrity MAFS

Seven years after finding fame through their hilarious and relatable commentary on Gogglebox, Angie Kent and Yvie Jones have made multiple reality TV appearances and secured themselves as household names in Australia.

In addition to their joint stint on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2019, Angie starred on The Bachelorette and competed on Dancing with the Stars twice, while Yvie has served as a presenter on Snackmasters alongside Poh Ling Yeow.

Yvie Jones and Angie Kent.
Yvie Jones and Angie Kent have shared their thoughts on future reality TV appearances. Photo: Instagram/yvie_jones

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about their impressive TV resumé, the best friends reveal that there are a few shows they’d love to appear on in the near future.

“We get requests from followers all the time asking, ‘When are you coming back on TV together?’ and we're like, ‘Whenever!’,” Yvie says. “We’re just waiting. We will come on TV whenever we can, there’s just not a lot of TV things for us.

“I'd love to do Celebrity MasterChef. I’d be first out because I've got like, one good dish in me. I'd also love to be a judge on The Masked Singer or something like that, that looks like a really good gig.”


“Actually, if we could both do The Masked Singer, that would be iconic,” Angie adds, to which Yvie replies, “Or be in an outfit singing together!”.

“Everybody would know who it is because I can’t sing and you can sing!” Angie laughs.

Richie Strahan on Bachelor in Paradise.
Angie says that unlike former Bachelor Richie Strahan (pictured), she would never go on Bachelor in Paradise. Photo: Channel Ten

Bachelor in Paradise

One show that fans would never see Angie on is Bachelor In Paradise, as she thinks it would be “so weird” returning to the franchise.

“I know Richie [Strahan] did it, but like, no,” she says. “And Richie was so boring on it. Like, bless him, if anybody was going to do it it would be Richie. But like, no.

“I’m not saying I’m better than [the contestants] at all, I just feel like when you’re the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, you don't then go and be with everybody on a beach getting munted and all picking on each other. Not for me.

“I was protected from the picking on when I was with the boys, I didn't hear them bitching about me. I don't need them to say to my face. Ignorance is bliss in that instance.”

The 32-year-old adds that another major reason why she wouldn’t sign on for the show is because she doesn’t want to wear a bikini on screen.

“I would never walk around in my cosi,” she continues. “Even for The Bachelorette, I made them put me in a full piece every single time. I was like, I don't want anybody ogling over my body! Like, gross!”

Married At First Sight poster.
Yvie Jones says she ‘would rather cheese grate’ her nipples than go on Celebrity MAFS. Photo: Channel Nine

Celebrity MAFS

Meanwhile, Yvie asserts that she would never want to appear on a celebrity version of Married At First Sight, despite her name constantly popping up in the media as a rumoured contestant.

“I would rather cheese grate my nipples,” she remarks. “Honestly, I mean, who would they even set me up with? Another celebrity? Richard Wilkins? I heard his name, but like, who would I be set up with?

“No one has ever talked to me about it, no one has asked me about it, so it’s a complete fabrication.”

Outside of TV, the duo have recently launched the second season of their Nova Original Podcast Two Girls One Pod.

“It’s so fun!” Yvie says about the new project. “It’s almost like, do we get paid to just do what we normally do when we're alone? And it's wonderful to have a second season and we've gone to two episodes a week. We’re very lucky girls.”

“We love it, we just get to talk all the smack and be together and support each other’s smack talk,” Angie says.

You can listen to Two Girls One Pod on the Nova Player or wherever you get your podcasts.

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