MAFS' Michael and Stephen share surprising relationship update after split

The couple called it quits during Sunday night's episode.

Married At First Sight’s Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart have revealed where they stand with one another following Sunday night’s dramatic commitment ceremony.

The intruder pair, who became the third same-sex couple to tie the knot on the series, both wrote ‘leave’ after struggling to build a romantic connection in the experiment.

MAFS’ Stephen Stewart and Michael Felix.
MAFS’ Stephen Stewart and Michael Felix called it quits during Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. Photo: Channel Nine

“I don’t think you’ve ever tried,” Michael told Stephen on the couch. “I feel like you got here immediately, was like, ‘I don’t like you, I’m ready to go’. You kept your foot out the exit the entire time.

“I’ve always been a fighter and I’ve given everything my all, but sometimes you have to keep your head held high.”


The couple have now opened up about their relationship status in a post-show interview with 9Entertainment and revealed that they are still in contact.

“We didn’t want it to get toxic, we wanted to remain friends and we are still friends. So it was best just to call it quits,” Michael shared.

“We’re on good terms. I would definitely say he’s a friend. I would be happy to see him out, I would be happy to make plans with him if I’m ever in Perth and vice versa for him to come to Melbourne.”

Stephen added that although there wasn’t a romantic spark between himself and Michael, they built “a really nice foundation and friendship”.

“We ended, from my point of view, really well. We’re in a really good place now,” he said. “We shared this crazy experience together, and I think that’s both really important to us to keep in touch and keep this friendship that we’ve built.”

MAFS’ Stephen Stewart and Michael Felix.
Stephen and Michael have confirmed they’re still good friends. Photos: Channel Nine

Michael and Stephen reveal what they learned on MAFS

They might not have walked away from MAFS with the love of their life, but the grooms admitted they both learned plenty of lessons about themselves on the reality show.

“I’ve definitely learned I’m a lot more guarded than what I [thought],” Stephen said. “I knew I had a few walls up, but to realise how solid they were, that’s definitely something I want to work on. It is hindering not just me, but potential relationships.”


Michael shared that he realised how resilient and positive he is no matter how hard a situation might be.

“And then also relationship-wise, just don’t be too available. I think I just gave a little bit too much,” he remarked. “Maybe I should reel it in a little bit, keep my cards closer to my chest and get to know people day by day, take it a day at a time.”

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