MAFS’ Madeleine responds to rumours she was a ‘production plant’

Go behind the edit of Married At First Sight Australia season 11 with special guest Madeleine Maxwell.

Video transcript

- There was a bit of speculation from people that you kind of just came in to create a bit of chaos, make a bit of a stir as maybe an actress because of your acting past, I guess. What do you have to say to those rumors about people thinking you were planted by production to be on the show?

MADELEINE MAXWELL: Well, it's kind of hard to explain that. But, I mean, what is a production plant? Like, is it a production plant that's going to do whatever the producers want you to do in order to create drama? Because I'm not that person. If anything, it's like, when it's me and my name towards a project, like on a project, it's-- I believe it should be people's own values and beliefs. So yeah. I would never sign up for that, no.

But let me tell you there's a lot of actresses on that show, baby. And I was not acting. So despite what everyone says, right? Like, look. They should be paid a lot more for what they're doing on that, kind of-- in that arena. Let's just say that.