MAFS' Jessika Power reveals how OnlyFans has changed her life

Jessika Power: Unfiltered will be streaming on The Wash's Instagram and Facebook this weekend. Source: The Wash

Video transcript

JESSIKA POWER: I'm happy enough to do this now, earn the money, invest it in the right places. That when children do come, yeah, it's going to be on the internet. Yeah, maybe when they're old enough to see it, what, eight years down the track, they might see it. But, like, what am I gonna say? Mum-- just live your life. [LAUGHS] It comes down to just sometimes you're going to do what you're going to do.

And we make a lot of money in the media industry. We make a lot of money in the influencers industry and campaigns and things like that. But I've never made the money I'm making now off of OnlyFans, and I never thought I'd see the money I've got in my bank account ever in my life.

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