MAFS' Jessika claims Tamara and Mick agreed to her affair with Dan

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MAFS star Jessika claims Her husband and Dan’s wife gave their blessing for their affair. Photo: Channel Nine

She’s shocked Married At First Sight viewers with her secret affair with groom Dan Webb, but now Jessika Power claims their partners gave them the green light to sneak behind their backs.

The 27-year-old appeared on Talking Married after last night’s bombshell episode, which ended with bride Ning basically catching them in the action.

However, Jessika claims her husband, Mick, and Dan’s wife, Tamara, weren’t bothered about the love square and even egged them on.

“At the girls night, Tamara said, ‘You like my husband? If you like Dan, go for Dan’. And Mick sat at the dinner table and said to Dan, ‘If you like Jess, have her’,” Jessika said.

Jessika said that doesn’t condemn what they did and she regrets ‘being swept up in this bubble of lies and manipulation’.

“I feel horrible about Tamara,” she confessed. “I trashed girl code and I was disgusting.”

However, a promo for Sunday night’s episode seems to contradict Jessika’s claims, as it shows the bride and Dan Webb come clean about their secret affair, before proposing the idea they re-enter the experiment as a brand new couple.

Jessika said that doesn’t condemn what they did and she regrets ‘being swept up in this bubble of lies and manipulation’. Photo: Channel Nine
Jess claims Tamara and Mick gave them their blessing. Photo: Channel Nine

“I came into this wanting to find somebody that I could build a life with,” Jess tells the show’s experts at the commitment ceremony.

“I’ve found that but it’s not with Mick… It’s with Dan,” she confesses.

Her husband Mick, who of course has suspected all along that Jess has been fake, is still absolutely gobsmacked and disgusted by his wife’s behaviour. After all, she’s kept him in the experiment for the past few weeks, just so she can cosy up to Dan.

“You are the most selfish brat,” he claims, before footage is shown of the farm-loving contestant storming out of the studio.

Meanwhile Dan’s wife Tamara is just as shattered, telling Jess the betrayal hits hard because she’s had her back.

The drama continues.

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