MAFS' Jackson has 'no memory' of cheating on Olivia: 'Not a stunt'

MAFS' Jackson Lonie reportedly has "no memory" of cheating on his TV 'wife' Olivia Frazer after being captured on video kissing a 20-year-old stranger while out on Friday night.

Celebrity agent Max Markson, who manages both Olivia and Jackson, shared the update on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday morning after Olivia's MAFS rival Domenica Calarco hinted that the cheating scandal was a publicity stunt.

MAFS' Jackson kissing a random stranger
MAFS' Jackson reportedly has 'no memory' of kissing a random stranger on Friday night amid reports he and Olivia have split. Photo: Facebook

"Kris Jenner works hard, but Max Markson works harder," Domenica wrote on Twitter, implying Max had organised the cheating scandal.

"First of all, it's definitely not a publicity stunt," Max told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson. "It's not and it came up because Dominica Calarco said, maybe it's my publicity stunt and very kindly compared me [to] Kris Jenner... I do like to think I work hard but this whole situation has nothing to do with me."


When pushed by Jackie about whether the pair was going to end up doing a tell-all interview in a couple weeks, he added, "I've spoken to both of them, I believe they'll get back together, I think it's just a sad situation. I mean, when you look at the video, it would appear that Jackson was highly inebriated, he'd been drinking too much."

"It seems very obvious that someone was filming, they were very close to them," Jackie added of the kiss.

MAFS Olivia and Jackson
Celebrity agent Max Markson, who manages both Olivia and Jackson, said the kiss was not a publicity stunt organised by the pair. Photo: Nine

"It was a set-up," Max said of the girl. "There's no doubt in my mind there that the girl set it up with one of her friends to video it and all that sort of stuff."

"Yeah, but he did – he went with it didn't he, he didn't push her off," Jackie said.

"No, my understand [is that] he had no memories of it the next morning," Max said.

When Jackie pushed to find out if the pair is still together, he responded, "When I say they're on a break, I mean they're still together sort of thing", not leaving Kyle confident.

"Good clarity, 'They're still together sort of thing', I get it, hey he doesn't know, things could have changed in the last 30 seconds!"

Olivia and Jackson pictured together

Olivia broke her silence, revealing she was 'speechless' after seeing the video. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer
Olivia broke her silence, revealing she was 'speechless' after seeing the video. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

It comes after the Daily Mail shared pictures of Olivia and Jackson at Sydney airport, where she picked him up from his flight in from Melbourne on Monday morning.

Olivia attempted to hide from the paparazzi and refused to look at Jackson.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Olivia said she was "speechless" after seeing video of Jackson's drunken kiss.

"We're still together... I have told him to have a big think about what he wants," she said on Saturday night.

'Officially over'

MAFS Olivia
A friend of the pair told us that Olivia is 'heartbroken' by the split. Photo: Instagram/Olivia Frazer

However, as of Monday morning, a source close to the pair told Yahoo Lifestyle Olivia and Jackson have split up.

The friend told us: “As of right now, they’re officially over. Jackson didn’t really apologise but instead said he hasn’t been happy for a while, which broke Olivia’s heart more."

“She’s now planning on heading overseas without him to stay a while with relatives."

The ‘intense’ backlash towards ‘villain’ Olivia has taken a toll on their relationship, and the star has found it difficult to find anyone who will employ her, which Jackson wasn’t prepared for.

Our source continues, saying: “Everything has been such an intense whirlwind since the show started airing and they haven’t spent more than a day apart. The pressure has got to them."

“When the show wrapped filming, Jackson knew the next couple of months would be tough - but he never thought he’d have to leave his life in Melbourne behind, spend every day defending Olivia to the whole country while paying her way as no one will employ her. This isn’t what he signed up for.”

'The kiss was innocent'

The woman who kissed Jackson told us it was 'innocent' and nothing more. Photo: Nine
The woman who kissed Jackson told us it was 'innocent' and nothing more. Photo: Nine

Shortly after the image surfaced on social media on Saturday, Yahoo Lifestyle spoke with the brunette woman named Hannah Hughes about what really happened.

"It was last night, I’d gone out with some girlfriends to dance and have some fun," the 20-year-old detailed.

"My friend pointed him out, so we approached him and had small talk. Olivia was not there, I’m fairly sure she left prior to me arriving. The kiss was innocent, a two-way street. It wasn’t anything more than that.

"Jackson seems like a nice guy and I have nothing bad to say on his behalf at all."

The news of the couple’s split comes just a few days after Olivia officially launched her account on the adult subscription-based website, OnlyFans.

It wasn't just Domenica thinking the cheating scandal was a publicity stunt with eagle eyed-fans pointed out that Olivia continued to post images on OnlyFans not long after footage of Jackson's kiss was made public. However, users can schedule posts in advance so it’s possible Olivia had the content planned prior to her break-up.


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