MAFS intruder Susie's cosmetic surgery makeover


From having a baby to going through a major breakup and then appearing on reality TV, Married At First Sight star Susie Bradley has been through a lot by the age of 25.

The mother of one has opened up about the time in her life where she “didn’t know who I was”, and also the cosmetic enhancements she’s had to give herself a boost.

“I’ve had my lips done. I had no top lip back in the day so that’s perfected my smile,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

MAFS star Susie Bradley pictured in 2018 (L) and in 2013 (R). Photo: Instagram/susiepearll
MAFS star Susie Bradley pictured in 2018 (L) and in 2013 (R). Photo: Instagram/susiepearll

“I’ve had anti-wrinkle [treatment] but that obviously doesn’t really change how you look and I’ve had my boobs done. I had them done after I had Baby because breastfeeding annihilated what I had,” she adds.

Susie gave birth to her daughter Baby four years ago, and becoming a mother was a big change for her.

Her greatest struggle arose a year ago when she split from her partner, and the breakup even took a toll on her confidence in parenting.

Photo: Instagram/susiepearll
Photo: Instagram/susiepearll

“When I broke up with my ex – I was with him from when I was 14 and I was 24 when we broke up – for the first 12 months I solid did not know what I was doing,” she explains.

“I didn’t know who I was. Sometimes I didn’t know how to be a mum without him because we’d been doing parenting life together. So trying to figure that out was incredibly hard and it’s just taken time to find my feet.

“For ages, I couldn’t cope with the loneliness. And even though I had Baby, it’s different when your family unit’s been broken apart,” adds the reality star.

Susie pictured in 2016. Photo: Instagram/susiepearll
Susie pictured in 2016. Photo: Instagram/susiepearll

Australia was introduced to Susie during Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight.

As one of four intruders on the reality show, she was paired with Billy Vincent, and tonight they will meet the rest of the MAFS contestants at the dinner party.

Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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