MAFS boss shares regret over 'cheating and drama' on this year's season

Olivia Morris
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A MAFS executive producer has expressed his regret over all the drama and cheating on the show this year. Source: Nine

It’s safe to say the drama on this year’s season of Married At First Sight has reached new heights.

And while it makes for some riveting television and ensures there’s more drama to follow, it turns out not everyone has been pleased with how this year’s season has turned out.

Despite raking an impressive 1.2 million viewers per show, MAFS executive producer Peter Walsh he’s not been a fan how this season has played out.

So much so, he doesn’t want “cheating and drama” on the show to become a recurring theme.

“I wouldn’t like things to play out the same, I wouldn’t like people to see a repeat of what they saw this year,” Walsh told in a recent interview.

“It would just be absolute chaos if it was all cheating and all drama,” Walsh explained, adding while it does make for great television, he believes people won’t “watch if that’s all it is”.

MAFS boss Peter Walsh has admitted he’s not super keen on partners cheating. Source: Nine

He also admitted the producers aren’t keen on partners cheating on their significant others, as it “plays against the spirit of the experiment”.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Nine for comment on the executive producer’s revelations.

This year viewers have seen two affairs – the first between Sam Ball and Ines Basic, and then the second between Jessika Power and Dan Webb.

There’s also been plenty of drama between couples Cyrell and Nic, Susie and Billy, and Heidi and Mike.

When Yahoo Lifestyle chatted to MAFS experts Dr. Trisha Stratford and Mel Schilling before the season premiered, they insisted they go through a rigorous process to ensure the participants are compatible with their partners.

They also insisted there was going to be “a lot of love” this season.

“We have love this year – we have loved-up couples,” Trish said. “We have the controversy, but we also have the love.”

Not sure about everyone else, but isn’t it just Martha and Michael and Cam and Jules who seem to be the only ones super in to one another?

Given that the MAFS application form literally asks for every single detail about your life, they might be able to match more loved-up couples together.

Here’s to next year.

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