MAFS babies: The clucky couples who have welcomed kids

We all watch MAFS for the drama while also hoping that, against the odds, some of the pairings will work out. However there's only been a handful of couples that have survived, and the list of couples that have gone on to have kids is even more exclusive.

Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner – Season 1

In 2015, Australia watched Zoe and Alex get hitched as part of a new reality TV show, and they turned out to be one of the show's success stories... for a while. The couple had a baby daughter, Harper-Rose, in November 2016, but by April 2018, Zoe revealed she and Alex had split.

Season one MAFS participants Zoe and Alex
MAFS participants Zoe and Alex were together for three years after the inaugural season of the show. Photo: Instagram/@alex_garner_

"It is with sadness that Alex and I would like to state that we will be separating for now," she wrote. "We are determined to ensure our beautiful daughter Harper-Rose continues to receive the unconditional love and nurturing she deserves from the both of us."

Alex echoed the sentiment, writing: "Zoe and I both went into this experiment with open minds and really hoping to find a partner to share our lives with. We share the most important thing in both of our lives Harper-Rose and will continue to love her and be the best parents possible."

MAFS participants Alex and Zoe with their daughter Harper-Rose
While Alex and Zoe are no longer together, they still co-parent their six-year-old daughter Harper-Rose. Photo: Instagram/@alex_garner_

Just two months before, Zoe had been brutally honest about the anger she felt while suffering post-natal depression. "The temper that caused me to constantly snap at my loving partner and see him as yet another burden. The irritability, the frustration, and the sense of being trapped. Resentful," she wrote in a first-person piece for Mamamia.


"But worst of all, the anger that eventually turns inwards and tells you how much you are failing. How this uncontrollable anger and temper is proof of that. How sh*t you are as a mum, as a partner, as a modern woman. How you are worthless. The critical voice in the back of my head that would become the soundtrack to my daily routine."

While Zoe rarely posts on her social media account now, Alex has shared that he and his new partner Jen welcomed a baby boy, Hudson, in August.

MAFS season one participant Alex Garner and his new partner Jen McCann with his daughter Harper-Rose
Alex and his new partner Jen McCann recently made Harper-Rose a big sister. Photo: Instagram/@alex_garner_

Jules and Cam Season 6

It may not have been love at first sight for Jules and Cam when they met at the altar for season 6 of MAFS, but things changed as they got to know each other. "From the moment we met it felt relaxed. I saw immediately that he was a kind man. We have the same moral compass," Jules confessed.

MAFS participants Jules and Cam
Married at First Sight Season 6 contestants Jules and Cam. Photo: Nine & Instagram

Cam agreed, adding, "It wasn't love at first sight, but it was a vibe at first sight."

By the end of the show, Jules and Cam felt like the only real couple, so it surprised no one when they decided to tie the knot for real in November 2019.

Just five months after their wedding, the couple announced Jules was pregnant. "I honestly thought it was going to come with a fight. Because of my age, I had done all the hormone testing, the egg count... so much is instilled that you're going to struggle because of your age," Jules told Stellar.

Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant in a hammock on the beach with son Oliver
Jules and Cam have recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Photo: Instagram/@julesrobinson82

They welcomed their son Oliver in September 2020. "We're just completely in love," Jules told Who after Oliver's birth. "Oliver is my biggest achievement by far. I felt so powerful when I held him in my arms. It’s a magical time."

"He really is gorgeous, isn't he?!" Cam added. "We couldn't be happier.

"We always say we're so grateful for how Jules and I met," Cam told New Idea. "It has been a magical journey and we certainly look forward to showing Ollie how his parents met one day, that's something that no one's ever going to take away from us."

Jules and Cam are planning to have another child soon. "I hope to announce a pregnancy in 2022," Jules told Stellar earlier this year, before adding that she's "really busy" but is hoping "history repeats itself".

MAFS Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson with their son Oliver.
Cam and Jules were paired together on the sixth season of Married At First Sight and had a son in 2020.

Bryce and Melissa – Season 8

Many viewers thought season 8 MAFS couple Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson wouldn't go the distance, but the pair are proving critics wrong. Since filming ceased, the couple became engaged in July 2021 as they revealed they were expecting twins.

2021 MAFS couple Melissa and Bryce
MAFS couple Melissa and Bryce. Photo: Nine Network

They welcomed their two adorable twin boys, Levi and Tate, 10 weeks early in October 2021. "Introducing our gorgeous twin boys... Levi Ruthven & Tate Ruthven," Bryce wrote on Instagram. "Born on Saturday, October 16, 2021, 10 weeks premature, our twins are in for a challenging few weeks in NICU & are already showing signs they've got a loving personality. @lissrawson and I are proud and loving parents of these little fighters. We can't wait to bring our boys home!"

Married at First Sight's Bryce and Melissa with twin sons
Bryce and Melissa's twin boys Levi and Tate were born 10 weeks early but they are thriving now. Photo: Instagram/@bryceruthven

Over a year on and the boys are thriving, having recently celebrated their first birthday. "We're in such a great place now; we're happier and healthier than ever before, the twins are crawling and our wedding is approaching," Liss told Daily Mail last week.

Their two little boys are sure to be involved in the ceremony when the couple walk down the aisle in February and we can't wait to see it.

MAFS Bryce and Melissa' with their twins Levi and Tate
Bryce and Melissa's twins are now crawling! Photo: Instagram/@bryceruthven

Michael and Martha - Season 6

The sparks flew when Martha and Michael met at the altar, and when Michael relocated to Sydney from Melbourne at the end of the show, it was obvious things were serious.

Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis engagement pictures
Michael and Martha met on MAFS and are now engaged for real! Photo: Instagram/@mbrunelli & @marthaa__k

"We talk about having kids all the time," Martha admitted not long after MAFS had finished airing. "Michael has already picked out baby names, but I feel like I'd have to meet my child before deciding a name.

Since then the couple has become engaged, planning to get married for real. "She's the person I go to whenever there's a problem. I can trust her opinion with every decision I make. Things couldn't be better," Michael admitted in an interview with Stellar last year.

Before the wedding, Michael and Martha decided to spend a summer travelling around Europe. Fans soon realised that they weren't posting as often as usual, and by way of explanation Michael said his fiancée had been unwell. When fans showed their concern, Michael felt the need to explain further.

"It's been a minute since we've been online, so we wanted to explain our situation and make a little bit of an announcement, and that is that Martha is pregnant," Michael began in the Instagram video shared below.

"I don't want to sound like I am complaining, we are so excited, we are so happy. It was a complete surprise," Martha explained. "But at five weeks I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, which is basically severe chronic nausea and vomiting with no relief. It is like 24/7."

Pregnant pictures of MAFS alum Martha Kalifatidis
Martha Kalifatidis and her MAFS groom Michael Brunelli are expecting their first child together. Photo: Instagram/@marthaa__k

Michael told Yahoo Lifestyle Martha is doing a lot better now. "She's having a lot more good days now where she's actually able to get up and go outside, but then on the flip side, there are still those bad days where she's stuck in bed feeling really nauseous. We're trying to focus on the positives and keep that positive reinforcement coming, and there's not as much suffering now."

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