MAFS Australia' Selin on the producer's impact on the show

Married At First Sight Australia's Selin chats with Yahoo Lifestyle on Instagram Live.

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LACHLAN GUERTIN: Hi, guys. I'm Lachlan Guertin from Yahoo Lifestyle. Today, we're going to go live with the wonderful Selin from "Married at First Sight." She's going to be answering any questions you have about her experience on the show, what life is like post-show, any burning questions you want to know about behind the scenes, any of the other brides.

But yeah, so we're getting ready to be joined with Selin. She'll be joining us very shortly. But if you have any questions for Selin, just leave them in the comments below. She'll be joining us soon.

But yeah, I guess just starting it off, what was your favorite Selin or married at first sight moment? Leave a comment below, so we can just discuss, keep things moving before she joins us this morning.

But yeah, we're going to be chatting with Selin Mangu. From "Married at First Sight." She was on this season partnered with Anthony. I'm sure you've all got a bunch of questions to ask. She hasn't done too many interviews, so I'm excited to see what she has to say. It's been, I think, about two months now since the show started.

So a lot has happened, a lot of drama has gone down, so we'll try and get Selin's opinion on all of that. But yeah, we're just waiting for her to join now, and then we will get started with a fun Q&A with Celine talking all things "MAFS," all things reality TV, any kind of comments, and make sure we'll get to you very soon. I believe she is just joining now. Hi, Celine.

SELIN MENGU: Hi, how are you?

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Great, thank you. How are you?

SELIN MENGU: I'm good. I'm very good.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: It's so great to see you. Thank you so much for joining me. I'm so excited to chat.

SELIN MENGU: Same. I can't wait.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: We have questions open to anyone. If you want to send a question box or write in the comments, and soon, we'll get to them soon. So I'm very excited about that. But just to kick it off, how are you kind of feeling now that "MAFS" is over?

SELIN MENGU: Sorry. I think that was lagging a bit. Am I OK? I'm not lagging?

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, we're good now. We're good now. How are you sort of feeling now that "MAFS" is over two months after everything now?

SELIN MENGU: Yeah, I mean, good. I mean, obviously, we all became a little bit of a tight family at the time. But it's really good. I mean, I think a lot of people off the back of it. So that's great.

I love that people approach you in public, and people are so nice and sweet. And it's just funny kind of getting their perspective on what they thought of the show. So there's a lot of gray areas that people are, like, what happened here? What happened there? This sort of make sense. So it's kind of like cool just seeing what the audience kind of really think as opposed to what we feel they think. So it's kind of nice to hear it from them.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, what was that like watching it on TV as well? Like, what was your expectations and those feelings watching it?

SELIN MENGU: To be honest, I was so confident, you know, coming out, off to go, I was, like, yep, you know, it's going to be painted in the way it was filmed, basically. But I totally understand the show is edited. People, you know, find it funny using that word, editing, but it is. People notice. It's in our contracts. It's edited.

But it's kind of like-- obviously, it's going to edited because we filmed so much, and then they have to obviously narrow it down. But it's kind of like the frustrating part is not seeing the content.


SELIN MENGU: So not-- sorry, not seeing the context behind it. So, you know, obviously, there's a fight that goes on. You might not get the full story.

So it's kind of like, in my view, I was a little bit disappointed because I was like so confident coming out that I'll be painted in the way that I actually am. And it was, to be honest, the polar opposite.

And I thought, gosh. I've just stuck up for myself. That's all I've done here, and here I am looking like a man basher.


SELIN MENGU: To all of it, I got good feedback, and people wish that I stayed on the show. So it was-- overall, it was great. It was fine. Whatever.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. What was the biggest surprise, I guess, watching that where you're like, why was that not a thing?

SELIN MENGU: I think it's definitely just the context. So, like, for example, you know, someone's yelling at you or arguing with you, and you retaliate, you know? They just show that part where you say something back.

They don't show what happened leading up to it. But obviously, if someone's going to push your buttons at some point as a human being, you may get ticked off. Like, you know, it was during COVID, so we weren't able to see anyone else.

We weren't even allowed to go down to the lobby and pick up our Uber Eats. So you were really confined to that person, and obviously the rest of the cast. So it was kind of like, yeah, obviously, you could get frustrated, which is very normal. But yeah, it is what it is, I guess.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, what was that fan response like as well when particularly when you were on the show still, everything was going down on you and Anthony. How is that online?

SELIN MENGU: I think, at the beginning, I did get a bit of hate because they did kind of use it as, you know, I called him a princess, and I, you know, I didn't let him be vulnerable, which wasn't the case. I think, from my perspective, it was more so that there was a scenario where, you know, openly spoken to Anthony about this. Like, there is a scenario where we had to ask each other if we liked each other.

So I asked him, do you like me? He said yes. And then, I asked-- he asked me, and I said, look, it's day three. I'm unsure at this stage. But, you know, it's only the beginning, so let's kind of see how it goes.

And he kind of got hurt about that, which was where he was showing his vulnerable side. That's what he was saying. So to me, it wasn't bad. What I said, I even justified myself.

But yeah, I think, it's just, again, it's just what they want to show, and what they can show. Because we filmed for, like, seven days on our honeymoon, and they showed two minutes of it. Like--


SELIN MENGU: That's a lot of content that you do not see. So, you know, I'm not here and say I regret anything that I've said and done, but it's-- a lot of context wasn't showin, so people, you know. Viewers know.

The ones that I speak to, they know that, you know, they got to use their heads a little. Like, yes, the show is edited. Yes, [AUDIO-OUT] Yes, she may not be this crazy. But yeah, it is what it is. Oh well.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. I think, personally, one of my favorite parts of the show was when you came back for, like, the reunion, when you came back for, like, the dinner party. Like, the quotes that you were saying, you were so savage. It was great TV. Like, I feel like that was probably more-- more of yourself, I guess? Was that more authentic?

SELIN MENGU: Definitely. Oh gosh. Everyone loved that. But, you know, at the girls' night, how I was carrying on, that wasn't the whole night. It looked like it was the whole night. It was-- it was just different angles of the same thing. But yeah, it was so funny seeing the commentary. And, you know, the fact that I was like, see ya, and, like, just certain things that I had with people.

But it was fun. Like, it's really fun to see how the audience take different parts of the show because we know what happened in full that they don't. But it's just funny to see it, and I thought it was really funny. I was laughing with them. Good and bad, I was laughing with them.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I mean, she wants a piece of Mitch? That was iconic.

SELIN MENGU: Oh yeah. In that moment, like, in that moment, I was like, gosh. Like, there's-- like, why would you bring that up? That's, in my view, like, why would you bring it up if you don't want a piece of him, you know?


SELIN MENGU: But yeah, it's just kind of what I felt, and I said it. And, you know, a bit we-- we ate and drink, but we drink more than we ate. So, you know, you kind of just say I'm not blaming it on alcohol, gosh. I'm all [INAUDIBLE] what I say, but it's just kind of like you don't care. Like, you go for hours and hours and hours, and you just kind of want to have a little jab at someone to keep it interesting.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. What's your current relationship like with Tamara now? Like, obviously, you had some words at the girls' night, and there was some tensions at the reunion, all of that. But where do you guys stand now?

SELIN MENGU: Look, Tamara and I, yeah, during the show, I mean, again, you don't actually see a lot of each other. Like, you can't-- I can't just call her and say let's catch up. It's all-- you know, the dinner parties, commitment ceremony.

So when we had our moments, it was in that, you know, setting. But right now, we're managed by the same manager, and I think we're both adults. I think we, you know, we can say hi, how are you? And share like a little bit.

I wouldn't say we're the best of friends, but we do chat. I mean, of course, we do. We're, like I said, adults.

I think we can all get over it. We can all kind of just kind of put that past as an experience. Everyone's had highs and lows through the experiment. And I think it's just about, yeah, being grown up.

So I think we're OK. I mean, you could ask her, but I'm pretty sure. Yeah, we're not besties, but we're on, you know, civil terms.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. Are there any weird vibes between yourself and any of the contestants? Or what's those relationships like now as well?

SELIN MENGU: Um, look. Obviously, there's ones like, you know, that I'm not really close with, but ones that I talk to more regularly. But there's also ones that keep, you know, their distance because they want to maybe create a certain image or whatever it is.

Or they're scared about what the public is are saying about certain people, so they don't want to interact with them. This is what I'm seeing amongst everyone. But yeah, I mean, I'm just honestly sitting here and just-- if someone talks to me, I'll talk to them back. Like, I'll reach out to them as well.

But yeah, I think a lot of them are just still caught up on what's happened in a very intense, you know, show. Like, yes, it's reality, but you don't see the entirety of it, you know? So it's like, yeah, yeah, anyway.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. What about you and Anthony as well? What is that relationship like between you two?

SELIN MENGU: Well, we live in different states. So he's in Melbourne. I'm in Sydney. But, I mean, yeah, we talk. We sometimes exchanged messages on Instagram.

I've had-- sometimes when I do a question box, I've had questions about, you know, Anthony, so I just tag him in there, and he reshared. So it's kind of like, we're OK. Like, you know, he's got a partner, which I'm really happy for him for that.

But yeah, like it's-- again, we're both adults. We're kind of just moved past it. And it's a different-- it's really different. So had Anthony and I met each other without, you know, intensity of the experiment, could have been different. It would have been maybe not as heated. Who knows? But yeah, it's a very different environment.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. I've seen someone just asked what was your thoughts on his wrestling? Like, did that have any impact in your relationship? Or what was going through your head when you learnt that-- that wasn't [INAUDIBLE]?

SELIN MENGU: I mean, I thought it was cool. I've even recently post-show watched one of his wrestling gigs here in Sydney with the boys, so I kind of crashed the boys night. But yeah, no. It was-- it was definitely not like a bad thing or even like, oh my god, it's hot.

Like, I was kind of in-between. I was like, yeah, that's cool if that's what he likes. Like, I'm just kind of neutral. Like, I know that he did bring his Speedos or whatever you call it, his little outfit on the [? exterior. ?] He didn't wear it because I was like, nah, I don't, you know, want to see that right now.

To me, I don't think I was like turned on by it or anything like that, which I know that in the comments people are like, oh, my god, that's hot and that sexy. But, I mean, it was just kind of like if I had built an attraction to him, maybe, I would have found it a bit more sexy, or whatever people are thinking. But yeah, I just-- I just didn't.

But I respect it. You now, he has fun, and he kind of goes into a different mental state when he is, you know, doing the wrestling. So it's kind of like, you know, different from him. That's what he says.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. I guess if you could go back and do the whole experiment again, is there something that you would change? Like, do you have any regrets?

SELIN MENGU: No, I don't-- I don't think I have any regrets. It's just kind of like understanding that the public-- I wish I kind of just knew this a bit better. The understanding the public-- is only seeing, literally, I would say about 1% of the entire show that to understand that people are going to always judge you.

Like, if I sit here and say I regretted what I did or what I said, like, you know, you don't learn or grow from it, so I accept what I done. The context wasn't shown. However, you can't-- you can't really base it on what people are going to think, so no.


SELIN MENGU: People can't use their head to understand that there's always two sides or more to a story, then that's up to them.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. I know viewers love to kind of create their own pairings as well. Like, if you had your pick of the grooms, is there someone that you think you could have worked with or you would have liked to have been matched with?

SELIN MENGU: Yeah, I've been asked this question a lot. I don't know. It was really hard for me to answer because everyone was kind of like matched with everyone already. But at the beginning, Brent and I got along obviously as friends. Nothing like that. But obviously, he's thrown around when people were like you'd be suited with him.

But yeah, no. I mean, I wouldn't say that because people were in relationships, so I couldn't really say oh my god, I'd want to be matched with this person or that person. But I think we just got along.

We sat next to each other. We're both kind of like westies, you know, both wogs, and just-- I don't know. I'm just [INAUDIBLE] in that way. But yeah, as friends.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. Have you jumped back into the dating world? Or what's your love life looking like now?

SELIN MENGU: Oh god. Well, I have a three-year-old, so I'm very busy with him. However, I mean, I'm open to it.

Obviously, I met a few people, people come and approach. The only issue I do have to all the guys out there, is please do not share your financials when you're trying to pick up a chick. Like, it just doesn't work.


SELIN MENGU: I mean, it doesn't work for me. Yeah, but actually--

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Does that happen a lot you?

SELIN MENGU: Well, actually, it's like they're applying for a home loan. Like, they're like, I drive a car. I earn this much money. You know, this is what job I have all around. I mean, this isn't--

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Wish you well.

SELIN MENGU: Yeah. It's kind of like, that's great. Good on you. And maybe that would be amazing for me as well later. But if you're not a good person, I didn't care about all these things.


SELIN MENGU: But it's just kind of like-- the first time someone said it to me, I was like, does this really work? And they said, yes. It does. And they said, it does. So, OK. So--

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, OK. Just post them at--

SELIN MENGU: [AUDIO OUT] people, but hopefully, they just won't share, you know, the financials or about yourself.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Are you not on-- are you on dating apps? Or are you on Raya or anything like that?

SELIN MENGU: What's that one? Raya? I haven't heard about it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: That's the, like, the celeb one, where it's like stars connecting with stars so that you could-- you could mate with any other, like, "Love Island" people on that or something.

SELIN MENGU: Oh yeah. I don't know. But let's-- I don't know. No, I have never been on a dating app.

I'm not currently on one, but, you know, I never know. I mean, if, you know, I'd love to be able to meet someone in the most raw way, like, whenever I'm out and about not expecting it.

But in saying that, yeah, I mean, it wouldn't hurt to try that too. But I don't know. I don't know. I might been into it. But yeah, never say never.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah, I know in previous years, they brought back contestants for another round of love. Would you consider doing it again?

SELIN MENGU: "Married At First Sight"? I don't know. I mean, good question. I mean, I definitely know exactly what it takes, you know, being in the experiment, you know, what's obviously going to be cut out if you might not be portrayed in a certain way, and obviously the after effects. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe?


SELIN MENGU: I wouldn't say no, but I wouldn't be like, oh my god, yes, either.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. [LAUGHS] I'm seeing someone-- if you have any questions, people, just leave them in the comments below. But I've just seen someone asked how much influence do the producers have? So do they kind of put words in your mouth? Or what is that kind of experience like?

SELIN MENGU: Filming, I can only speak for myself. For me, personally, there was a little bit of a push, and yes. So, for example, I didn't want to do a certain thing, and they were like, Selin, we just need it to be done.

You know, just-- it's not a big deal. We need it to be done. And I didn't want to do it. My values were very different to what they thought. I didn't want to do a certain thing.

But in set, in the words as well, yes. For example, I think I, at the beginning, I remember the first hen's night, they go, what do you think of Dom? And I said, oh yeah, I think she's great. Like, she's very strong-minded, and, you know, she says what she wants. She seems like that kind of girl, and I like that.

And they said, oh, so you think Dom's a bitch? And I said, no. That's not what I said. I said she's strong-minded.

She knows what she wants to say. Like, that's it. So it's kind of like-- like, but they keep repeating it.

So at one stage, and especially if you had been drinking, you might just say something off the back of what they're saying. But it's like, no. That's not actually what I said. I actually just said she's strong-willed. Like, that's it.


SELIN MENGU: That was-- yeah. This-- that's a couple of examples, but there's definitely-- yeah, of course, they have an influence because they work.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. What advice would you give to someone either thinking of going on the show or they might be coming up in the future? Like, what is that like?

SELIN MENGU: Do-- definitely, you know, what is in your contract is definitely what's going to happen, you know-- chop, change, edit, slice, whatever. They'll do it. But I think it's just kind of like have fun with it.

Like, yes, you might sit here and say bitch, and then say Selin, and then they'll put two and two together, so you've got to be ready for that too. Like, and that's what can happen, you know? So yeah, I mean, I think you just kind of got to be treated. I don't know. Kind of treat it like you're on home and away or something, to be honest.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Oh, yeah, yeah.

SELIN MENGU: I don't treat it like actual reality. Like, this is how you are. This is exactly the type of person-- like, you know, it's not like that. So I think you got to treat it like you are in a soap opera or something like that.


LACHLAN GUERTIN: Would you ever go on another reality TV show? Like, is there anything interesting to you?

SELIN MENGU: Yeah, I probably would. I mean, I did enjoy it. Probably. I don't know the relationship ones, probably not on the top of my schedule. But yeah, it could happen. You never know.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yeah. OK, OK. I won't keep you too much longer, but I do want to talk about merch as well. Like, we touched on this briefly at Fashion Week, but I think there needs to be but you left merch. Is there anything in the works?

SELIN MENGU: [LAUGHS] Yes, I actually got a few requests. So there is definitely-- I mean, I don't know. I mean, I've got a lot of people showing interest in merch, you know? But you left when I said to Anthony, and then when I said see y'all when Tamara walked away.

So yeah, look, I love, you know, baggy t-shirts. I love to wear them to bed or, you know, with a pair of jeans. So maybe it could be something that I'll be doing soon. You never know.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: And can I ask you to say it as if I was Anthony? Like, deliver your award-winning line.

SELIN MENGU: But you left. But you left. But you left. [LAUGHS]

LACHLAN GUERTIN: So good. God, love you.

SELIN MENGU: You know what, though? I do not say it consecutively like that. It was like a number of different-- well, it was probably like-- I don't know. Anyway, whatever. It is what it is.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: You're all right. It's all funny.


LACHLAN GUERTIN: It's amazing.

SELIN MENGU: And he did leave. But whatever.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: [LAUGHS] Well, just-- before I let you go, I guess what is next for you? Like, what can fans expect? Where can I follow you? All of that.

SELIN MENGU: I mean, obviously, I am on my Instagram. I mean, I'm going to do a lot more on my Instagram soon, so I'll have like a schedule per week. Like, on Mondays, I do a certain thing on Thursdays and so forth.

But I think-- I think Instagram and TikTok mainly. But I think-- yeah, I'll be just doing a lot-- a lot of reality, a lot of, you know, real things that people can connect with, like, motherhood. You know, when I share things about my son, people enjoy that. So I think a lot more with him.

We enjoyed cooking together, so a little bit of that. And yeah, people want to know everything about you. Like, you know, to what color undies you're wearing. So I think people want to know everything. So I think I'll just share whatever people want. So, you know, let me know what they are, and yeah, I'll be sharing it.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: I did say something about joining OnlyFans for feet picks. Is that happening? What's the goal there?

SELIN MENGU: [LAUGHS] I honestly, like, I would say daily. But if not, like, every couple of days, I get requests for feet pics, yow know, oh my god, you have beautiful feet. Why don't you put an anklet on there?

Like, can I have a feet pic? I'll pay you like a thousand pounds. Like, crazy. Like, and I'm like, oh my gosh.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: You should do it.

SELIN MENGU: So yeah, I mean, OnlyFans, I never thought of joining OnlyFans. But if I join it, you know, at the start to begin with my feet. I mean, I don't think my feet are beautiful.

But people have this foot fetish. So maybe I can start with that. We'll see. I don't know. Let's see where the interest is. I didn't mean that.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Did you-- were you barefoot a lot on the show? I don't remember particularly seeing your feet.

SELIN MENGU: No, I wasn't bare-foot. But I think when I-- when I posted stories as well, like, when they're in shoes, but they're like, oh my god, you have nice legs and ankles. Like, can we see your feet more? And I know I don't always have them exposed or open. But the shoes, you can see a little bit of it.

But I'm like, people just have foot fetishes. Like, it doesn't matter what-- what is in. Like, I literally think people are just odd.

But yeah, you know. But you never know. I mean, if that's going to-- if that's going to help my OnlyFans and do it in a PG version, then why not?

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Someone's just said you could auction fake pics for charity, so you never know.

SELIN MENGU: I would love that. I would love that. Why not?


SELIN MENGU: Do those pose with my beautiful feet. Win-win.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Exactly. That's amazing. Well, thank you so much for joining me, Selin. It's been so great getting to chat with you.

SELIN MENGU: Thank you too. It's good to see you again as well.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Yes, and thank you, everyone, for tuning in as well. Stay tuned for Selin's OnlyFans. Big things coming.

SELIN MENGU: [LAUGHS] Thanks, guys. Muah.

LACHLAN GUERTIN: Amazing. Bye, Selin.

SELIN MENGU: Take care, bye.


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