MAFS: 2022 contestant Selina Chhaur’s reality TV past revealed

Just one day after Channel Nine revealed the brides and grooms hoping to find love on season nine of Married At First Sight, reality TV fans have spotted a familiar face amongst the cast.

32-year-old Selina Chhaur, a hairdresser from South Australia, previously appeared on the short-lived Channel Seven series The Proposal in 2019.

MAFS' Selina Chhaur.
Three years before she was cast on MAFS, Selina Chhaur actually appeared on another reality TV dating show. Photo: Channel Nine

Hosted by Luke Jacobz, the concept of the reality TV show was similar to MAFS in the sense that contestants got engaged when they first met face-to-face.

Each hour-long episode featured a hidden bachelor or bachelorette getting to know ten contestants before ultimately choosing one person to ‘propose’ to.


While the show suffered extremely low ratings and was eventually cancelled, Selina starred in episode four in the hopes of finding her future husband.

She ended up getting engaged to Aaron Shaw, but when their relationship didn’t work out he went on to star in season two of Love Island Australia, where he came in third place with Cynthia Taylu.

MAFS' Selina Chhaur on The Proposal.
Selina starred on the short-lived reality TV show The Proposal in 2019. Photos: Channel Seven

Shortly after the episode aired, Selina posted a now-deleted YouTube video explaining what happened between them.

“After the cameras and the lights and the glitz and glam was gone, the next day it was Aaron and I,” she said.

“We really got to know each other on a whole other level and we both just instantly knew that it was a friendship connection and that was all it was.”

Although Aaron and Selina both appear to have removed any signs that they were on The Proposal from social media, they still follow each other on Instagram.

MAFS' Selina Chhaur and Aaron Shaw.
Selina ended up choosing Aaron Shaw, who went on to star in season two of Love Island Australia. Photo: Instagram

Ahead of her MAFS debut this month, Selina has described herself in her bio as “playful, bubbly and optimistic”.

She also shared a post on Instagram alongside the cast announcement on Monday and said that she’s “ready to meet her soulmate, partner in crime and bestie”.

“Someone to live our best lives together, bring out the best in each other and have so much fun that even a trip to the grocery store will be like a trip to Ibiza!” she wrote.

Married at First Sight S9 starts Monday January 31 at 7.30pm on Channel 9

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