Madelaine Petsch says it's been tough saying goodbye to “Riverdale”: 'You go through all the stages of grief'

Though she doesn't think the show should have kept going either

You can take the girl out of Riverdale, but you can't take the Riverdale out of the girl...

Madelaine Petsch, who starred on The CW teen drama as Cheryl Blossom for seven seasons, is having a hard time letting go of the show that defined her twenties.

Petsch appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show on Wednesday and she opened up about the "stages of grief" she's been experiencing since the series ended last year after Barrymore asked about the transition.

"It's been interesting," the Riverdale actress reflected. "I think we definitely all feel that the show went as long as it was supposed to. There's no part of me that feels like I should have played this character for longer or it should have gone for longer, which is wonderful, but it is the family."

<p>Katie Yu/The CW</p> Madelaine Petsch on 'Riverdale'

Katie Yu/The CW

Madelaine Petsch on 'Riverdale'

"We had the same crew for seven years and the same people touching my face every day in Vancouver in the same apartment for seven years," she continued. "And that's been tough. You go through all the stages of grief saying goodbye to a chapter in my entire twenties. I mean, like I worked with Luke Perry who taught me how to conduct myself on a set properly. You go through so much life in, especially from 21 to 28. It's such formative years. So it's been tough, but I'm still in touch with all of my costars and we talk every day."

Petsch also told Barrymore that she's best friends with fellow costars Lili Reinhart, who played Betty Cooper, and Camila Mendes, who portrayed Veronica Lodge — and they're all finding their way forward after having been so immersed in each other's lives for seven years.

"I still have that sense of community," she concluded. "It's just change. It's growing, it's how life works. You just kind of evolve."

Petsch will next be seen in horror thriller, The Strangers: Chapter 1, which hits screens on May 17.

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