Lowe’s Halloween Decor is Here—and the Internet Has Thoughts

Lowe's launches 2024 Halloween decor. ABOVE: Exterior of a Lowe's retail store.

Lowe's is skipping right over the summer holidays and has already started preparing for Halloween.

The home improvement store added over two dozen sinister and unearthly new decorations to its stock at the start of the month, and days later, the brand teased the collection online.

Despite it only being June, social media users don't don't seem too spooked over the earlier-than-usual release. And we see why–Lowe's 2024 Halloween collection has something for everyone.

This year, the retail giant broke out the decor into several easy-to-sort-through themes. Starting with the classic "Thrills + Chills" category, which features unsettling clowns and a life-size Leatherface prop. "Happy Haunting" for the cute and spooky aesthetic, "999 Happy Haunts" for fans of Disney's Haunted Mansion and "grim-grinning ghosts." The brand also launched a "Ghostly Graveyard" collection for those looking for lifelike tombstones to add to their lawn and a "Rock's (Not) Dead" theme that will make your yard look like a creepy concert venue.

If you think the company stopped there, we'll give you a minute to catch your breath as Lowe's truly outdid itself with its "Haunted Harbor" collection that uses animatronics to bring the decorations back from the trenches of the afterlife.

In a June 4 Instagram post, Lowe's said some of the products in its 2024 Halloween lineup will only be around for a limited time, that said, a rep for the company told Parade that it's only getting started and more exclusive drops are set to rise up sometime in August.

So far, Lowe's seems to be on the right track with its horrifyingly early release, as Instagram users are no less than enthused by the new decorations.

"Wow 😮 this line up! Shut up and take my money," one joked.

"LOWES UNDERSTANDS ITS CUSTOMERS 🤣👏🏼," another suggested. "obsessed with the drop 🧡🖤."

"Talk about a massive step up! You guys are CRUSHING the Halloween retail market!" a third exclaimed.

"So spooky and cool!" someone else declared. "Excited for Halloween!"

It's not just Instagram that's hyped over the release, X (formerly Twitter) also saw its fair share of excitement–and a smidge of concern.

"Reason I need a house : to insanely decorate for Halloween. I just saw a pirate themed collection Lowe’s is doing and I’m so sad I can’t buy everything," one quipped.

"I love nautical horror," a second shared.

"Lowe's Halloween ad just sent to me. In June. WTF," another wrote in disbelief alongside a screenshot of the spooky season ad.

Well, let the countdown to Halloween begin...only four months to go until fall!

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