Love Island star Cassidy McGill causes uproar after visiting tourist site in a bra and a skirt

Influencer Cassidy McGill has been slammed for her choice of outfit at a popular Milan tourist spot.

Love Island Australia star Cassidy McGill has caused a furore online after visiting a number of tourist sites in Italy wearing just a skirt and bra top.

The 28-year-old is currently living it up on a European getaway, posting snaps from Rome, Cinque Terre and Cala Llombards.

Cassidy McGill in a black bra top and white skirt in Milan
Love Island Cassidy McGill has causes outrage for going sightseeing in Milan in a bra top. Photo: Instagram/@Catcity

However, it was her carousel of pictures from Milan that got people up in arms, with the blonde influencer seemingly posing from inside the tourist spot, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, wearing a white skirt and black bra top.

“Milan for 40 hours in my glorified bra,” Cassidy captioned the snaps.


Cassidy McGill eating Italian food in Milan wearing a black bra top
Cassidy dined on some Italian delicacies wearing her controversial outfit. Photo: Instagram/@Catcity
Cassidy McGill in Milan
People took to the comments section of her Instagram account to call out her outfit. Photo: Instagram/@Catcity

Other images from the carousel show Cassidy eating a delicious local delicacy while sipping on an Aperol Spritz and lying on the road after seemingly falling off a bike.

People were not impressed in the comments section, with some calling the outfit disrespectful.

“Apparently a bra can pass as a top in Italy,” one person wrote.

“Wait. She went into a church with just a bra and a skirt?” another commented.

“Why would you not respect the culture of the country you are in? This is not appropriate for Italy,” another wrote.


Cassidy McGill lying on the road in Milan
However, others stood up for the reality star. Photo: Instagram/@Catcity

However, others stood up for the star, with one person pointing out: “Men can walk around with no shirts I don't see a problem with your top! :)”

While Cassidy may be killing it in the style game in her ensemble, some places in Italy do implement strict rules around dress codes, with Sorrento fining tourists €500 ($816) for walking around in bikinis.

Many religious sites in Rome also require people to cover up when entering the premises, regularly turning people away who fail to abide by the rules.

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