Reality star's 'bunny boiler' behaviour sparks 500 complaints

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It’s the show that everybody in the UK is talking about, but now Love Island UK has come up against 500 complaints over the behaviour of one of the show’s contestants.

Love Island sees a group of singletons ‘couple-up’ in the hope of finding love. To stay in the villa, contestants must be in a couple and win over the hearts of the public to win the $90,000 prize.

Maura Higgins' behaviour on Love Island UK has sparked official complaints. Photo: Love Island/ITV

However, despite the show being a roaring success at the moment, fans are furious that bosses haven’t kicked 28-year-old Irish model, Maura Higgins, out of the villa.

Maura sparked over 500 official complaints to Ofcom, the UK’s TV regulator, during the week, after she tried to kiss fellow contestant, Tommy Fury.

Maura tries to kiss Tommy

On Friday night, viewers of the show saw Maura tell professional boxer, Tommy, that he gave her ‘f***y flutters’ and asked him to kiss her.

However, he shut her down, saying that while he fancied her, he wanted to ‘get to know her first’ before kissing her.

But it seems that wasn’t enough for the brunette model, who was later seen straddling a clearly uncomfortable Tommy on the couch.

Love Island viewers saw Maura Higgins try to kiss Tommy Fury as he lay on the couch. Photo: Love Island/ITV
Tommy tried to dodge Maura's advances and he ended up kissing him on the cheek. Photo: Love Island/ITV

As she tried to lean in for a kiss, Tommy kept moving his head from side-to-side so she ended up planting him a smacker on the cheek instead.

This behaviour sparked a furore on Twitter, with people calling out Maura’s unwanted advances, claiming if she was a man she would have been kicked off the show already.

Love Island controversies

Maura’s kiss-gate isn’t the only thing that has left viewers fuming.

Contestant Joe Garrett’s ‘controlling behaviour’ towards the woman he’s coupled up with, Lucie Donlan, also has people up in arms.

Joe told Lucie he thinks it’s time she got to know the girls because he’s not happy with her having friendships with the boys in the villa.

Over 300 complaints also rolled in for how the other contestants were treating Lucie, when she was accused of not spending enough time with the girls.

Fans have also expressed their concern about how Lucie Donlan is being treated in the villa. Photo: Love Island/ITV

And last week, axed contestant Sherif Lanre, accused the show of ‘unconscious racism’ after he was kicked out for accidentally kicking a female contestant in the crotch and calling it a ‘c*** punt’.

In an interview with the Sun on Sunday, Sherif said the incident was ‘blown out of proportion’ and he was ‘made to look like a terrible person’.

Axed contestant Sherif Lanre accused the show of ‘unconscious racism’ after he was kicked out for accidentally kicking a female contestant in the crotch. Photo: Love Island/ITV

“I was the only black man in the villa and I was kicked out after ten days,“ he said.

“In my opinion, what happened was unconscious racism.

“There was, I felt, sexism. I feel I wouldn’t have been given that red card if I was a white woman.”

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