Love Island fans hit out at 'fake' result: 'Worst season ever'

Love Island Australia has finally come to an end with loved-up couple Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja taking home the $50,000 prize. The fan-favourite winners, dubbed ‘Clausten’ by viewers, are still smitten with each other.

Claudia shared a sweet post dedicated to Austen on Instagram after the finale aired, saying that she was “thankful” for him, and shared her love for him publicly. While the winners are rapt with the result, fans have slammed season four as “the absolute worst season” yet.

L: Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja on Love Island with a sunset in the background. R: Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja kissing on Love Island
Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja have been crowned as the winners of Love Island Australia. Photo: Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle revealed in late September that the finale was pre-recorded with three alternative endings being filmed. The final three couples all pretended to win in their 'fake' endings so that viewers could still submit votes for their favourite couple.

“The contestants won’t find out if they’ve won or not until they actually sit down to watch the finale with the rest of Australia, and see if their winning scene is played,” our source spilled.


Only Claudia and Austen’s reactions were broadcast on TV, and some viewers felt that they didn’t have a ‘genuine’ reaction to the news. Fans aired their grievances on Twitter, saying that the ‘fake’ ending ruined the entire show.

Love Island contestants in bikinis
Viewers have slammed producers for the 'fake' ending. Photo: Nine

“Not watching Love Island Australia next season if it’s pre-recorded. The filming of three different fake winning reactions always seems off,” a viewer wrote.

“Dear Love Island Australia and Channel Nine producers, for the love of God, give us a proper Love Island season! None of this prerecorded months in advance crap, no fake ‘superfans’, and bring back casa amor and proper live voting! Please, that’s all we ask! Thank you,” added another.


“Pre-recorded. No Casa. No public vote. The whole Super Fans thingy. The absolute worst season of Love Island Australia ever,” a third chimed in.

“Pre-filming, fast-tracking everything and ‘super fans’ voting ruined the show. Why does Australian TV always take good shows and ruin them,” another agreed.

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