Aussie Love Island star's desperate plea to trolls after show airs in the UK

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She burst onto our screens in 2018 as a feisty contestant on Love Island Australia but now Erin Barnett has made a desperate plea to fans after the show aired for the first time in the UK.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Love Island UK has been scrapped this year, leading ITV bosses to air the Aussie version from two years ago instead.

Love Island's Erin Barnett
Love Island Australia's Erin Barnett has made a desperate plea to her Instagram followers. Photo: Instagram/Erin Barnett

That means that while all the drama the contestants went through was a mere memory for them, it’s all been dragged up again by fans commenting on their Instagram accounts.

25-year-old Erin, who came second on the show with her then beau Eden Dally, has now asked new followers of her account to take into consideration that it’s been two years since the show and a lot has happened in her life since then.

Erin Barnett and Eden Dally
Erin appeared on the show in 2018, where she met Eden Dally. Photo: Channel Nine
Erin Barnett in her underwear on Instagram
The pair relationship came to an end when they left the house. Photo: Instagram/Erin Barnett

“Yeah look, I was a crazy b**** & swore a lot. Not much has changed, but I have grown up & realised I probably shouldn’t of said some nasty things to some of the girls on the show, probably shouldn’t of done a lot of shit I did on the show lol BUT I CANT TAKE IT BACK,” Erin wrote. ⁣

“Every single person in this world has said something they shouldn’t of or done something they wish they didn’t. Unfortunately we can’t take back the past. ⁣

“We had cameras everywhere for your entertainment, so don’t you dare sit on your couch & start attacking us on social media for things we did or said; When I can guarantee YOU have probably done or said worse, but it was just never filmed 24/7 & aired on tv around the world.”

Erin went on to explain that they were all locked in a house with no privacy and cameras watching their every move.

Erin Barnett drinking a cocktail on her Instagram account
Erin said a lot has happened to her in the two years since Love Island aired. Photo: Instagram/Erin Barnett
Erin Barnett and her boyfriend Mick pose for the camera
The 25-year-old is now in a relationship with Mick. Photo: Instagram/Erin Barnett

Now, two years on, she said she’s in the best relationship of her life, with her boyfriend Mick and so happy to have his two beautiful children in her life. ⁣

“You have no idea how Mick has changed my life for the better. He makes me feel safe, secure & happy,” she said.

Addressing her relationships in the Love Island house, Erin said she has no ‘beef with anyone from the show’ apart from Eden, with the pair parting on bad terms.

Eden Dally, Cyrell Paule and their son, Boston
Eden Dally is now in a relationship with former MAFS star Cyrell Paule. The pair have a five-month-old son together called Boston. Photo: Instagram/Eden Dally

On the other hand, Eden has been reposting images from the 2018 show on his Instagram account.

Since the show, Eden has also moved on and is now in a relationship with former Married At First Sight star Cyrell Paule. The pair also have a five-month-old son, Boston, together.

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