Louis Theroux shares candid reaction to Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

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Louis Theroux opened up about his cousin's marriage between speaking about Scientology and prison life. Photo: Ten

Louis Theroux deals with everything from Scientology, to polyamory, to pedophiles on a daily basis, but when it comes to personal questions, he has a tendency to shy away.

In a rare exception, the British journalist sat down for a chat with Lisa Wilkinson and spoke remarkably honestly when a family member’s private life came up.

The famously hard to flummox Brit has made his name diving deep into the quirks of human behaviour, and shared his thoughts on that of his cousin Justin and his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Some may be surprised to learn that Louis is the cousin of acclaimed actor Justin Theroux.

The Mullholland Drive star, and The Most Hated Family in America maker are paternal cousins and it turns out, involved enough in each other’s lives for Louis to weigh in on the big question we’ve all been asking.

What happened to Jen and Justin?

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were together from 2011 until late 2017. Photo: Getty Images

Jen and Justin were briefly married from 2015 to 2017, but were together for almost seven years.

Fans of the actress in particular often mourn the relationship, and on The Project last night, the cousin of the groom shared some hilarious, and touching insights.

“I think the main thing I thought was: ‘Oh, too bad. I guess he broke up with Heidi,’” he revealed.

“I guess I just thought about that relationship ending.”

Heidi was Justin’s first wife of over 14 years with whom he split the same year him and Jennifer started dating.

Louis backed up his comments by saying he later thought, "that's kind of cool, that he is going out with someone famous."

He also described the actress as ‘great’, and ‘really nice’.

It was his more reflective comments that packed a real punch however.

After a gaffe about polyamory - which he quickly clarified was not in any way related to the high profile relationship - he shared a profound insight.

“'(I learned that) you don't judge relationships by their longevity. You judge them by the amount of happiness they produce,” he said.

Without directly commenting on his cousin and Jennifers chances of reuniting he’s definitely sparked a nostalgia for the pair, who reportedly went through an extremely amicable separation, and remain friends.

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