Tyla Literally Wore Sand To The 2024 Met Gala, And It's Incredible

Tyla Literally Wore Sand To The 2024 Met Gala, And It's Incredible

With a Met Gala dress code of "The Garden of Time," we've had plenty of looks that could best be described as, "Florals? Groundbreaking."

Emily Ratajkowski in a sheer, beaded gown with photographers in the background
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Then there have been the folks who went as the "time" part of the theme, slapping a clock onto something.

Ben Simmons in a plaid-patterned, embellished jacket with clock face clutch on red carpet
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Yet, I'd humbly argue that the best look of the night is from none other than South African singer Tyla.

Tyla in a textured gown with a fluid silhouette standing on a carpeted area, surrounded by attendees
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Making her Met Gala debut, Tyla's Balmain look is a creative take on "time" — specifically, the sand from an hourglass.

Tyla in a sand-toned, sculptural gown holding an hourglass
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Literally, the dress is made out of three types of sand molded to Tyla's body. Speaking on Vogue's livestream, creative director Olivier Rousteing said he was moved to play on the night's theme of "fleeting beauty" by creating a dress that could only be worn once.

Tyla posing on the Met Gala steps showing her gown's long train
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“We were looking to do something creative, something completely different for my first Met Gala. So when Balmain showed me the idea and sketch, I just knew it was perfect,” Tyla told Vogue. “The idea was crazy, and I loved it. I’m excited and a little nervous, but I’m looking forward to having a fun night at the Met!”

  John Shearer / WireImage
John Shearer / WireImage

What's more, the dress was so ornate that Tyla had to be lifted up the stairs.

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You cannot say she did not commit!!!

Tyla in an elegant backless gown with a flowing train being lifted by a man as two others carry her train
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The craftsmanship! Will it be topped? We'll just have to see.