Logies 2023: Sophie Dillman on what really happens after you win an award on the night

Ever wondered what happens after the stars walk off-stage at the Logie Awards?

Sophie Dillman has dished all her Logies secrets. Read part one here. She left us just as her hair and makeup was done and she was being strapped into her dress ahead of the red carpet. Read on for an insider's look at how Australia's TV night of night's unfolds.

The final checks on your outfit are complete and you have appeared in the lobby of the hotel, ready to hit the red carpet. There’s champagne flowing, photos left right and centre by family who have had one too many champagnes. The publicists are trying to get everyone into cars to head to the event - chasing toddlers after eating birthday cake would be easier.

Sophie Dillman in the make-up chair before the Logies
Sophie Dillman has dished some behind-the0-scenes Logies goss. Photo: Supplied
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Fact No.1 - Only those nominated for the Gold Logie can bring a plus one to the event.

My mother is still devastated, but I don’t make the rules. The red-carpet is one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. Every personality attending the awards walks through a maze of photographers, journalists and fellow celebs. There is a sea of incredible fans wanting pictures or signatures and the occasional kiss on the cheek. There is so much noise and laughter it is quite overwhelming. If I am honest, I have never been more nervous than walking the red carpet last year. I honestly couldn’t feel my extremities and have very little memory of anything that I said in any interview at all.


Sophie Dillman and Patrick O'Connor at the Logies
Sophie pictured here backstage at the Logies with her partner, Patrick O'Connor. Photo: Supplied
Sophie Dillman with her Home and Away co-starts at the Logies
Once inside the venue, there's assigned seating. Photo: Supplied

Fact No. 2 - On television, red carpets look quite glamorous and very respectable. In truth it is total chaos.

It's a bidding war for journalists' attention or the best photos of new celeb couples. Lots of publicists creating media opportunities and lots of waiting around in a long line of glamorous outfits. Once inside the actual event, everything slows down and we can all take a breath and have a drink. There is assigned seating for all invited and guests are shown to their tables in an orderly manner. Dinner is served before the live broadcast, so everyone has full bellies for the long event ahead. Can you imagine if someone had to get up to accept an award still chewing on their roast chicken?

Sophie Dillman in the bathroom at the Logies
The red carpet is 'total chaos'. Photo: Supplied
Sophie Dillman eating a burger
There are some amazing afterparties. Photo: Supplied

Fact No. 3 - Ever wondered what happens after someone wins an award? ME TOO!

Honestly, I didn’t have an answer for this until last year when Home and Away won the Logie for Best Drama. You run off stage overwhelmed and shaking to be greeted by a media wall and journalists waiting backstage. There are numerous people taking photos and asking questions while you hug your colleagues and wipe your tears. The night continues with celebrations, incredible performances, dedications and laughter. The whole room is buzzing with gratitude, nerves and love for their community. Such an incredible night so well deserved for the hard working and dedicated creatives who are so grateful to do what they do. I will never forget my experiences attending these awards, it made me feel like I was a part of the coolest kids (drama nerds) in school. I cannot wait to get back there.

Fact No. 4 - Yes, there are after parties. Yes, they are incredibly fun.

I definitely walked around barefoot. I totally danced on a table in between Hamish and Andy at 2am. I absolutely got home with just enough time to get changed before I had a live cross the morning after. Unforgettable.

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