Locals horrified by 'disgusting' find at beautiful swimming spot

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor
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Locals are ‘horrified’ after a popular swimming hole in south Auckland, New Zealand, was forced to close due to an increase in E.coli bacteria.

According to reports by NewsHub, the Waitangi Falls at Waiuku are so full of faeces - both animal and human - residents and visitors have been avoiding the usually popular summer location.

Waitangi Falls at Waiuku
The Waitangi Falls at Waiuku are closed. Photos: Instagram

“I’m just absolutely horrified, I’m disgusted that you come down for a swim and this is what you’re greeted with. It’s soul-destroying,” local resident Dorothy Hoskins, who herself nearly died from an E.coli infection while in South America, told the news outlet.


Others said the area now smelt so bad they had been avoiding it.

“It’s horrifying, it’s rubbish,” one person said.

“I wouldn’t even go closer than I am now,” another added.

Waitangi Falls at Waiuku
Waitangi Falls at Waiuku. Photo: Newshub

E.coli refers to a wide range of bacteria that can cause various diseases, including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and diarrhoea.

Its been a week since locals first noticed the pollution, after similar incidents are other popular beaches and swimming spots around Auckland over the past weeks.

A statement given by the Auckland Council said the “pollution response team is monitoring levels” and the “cause of the pollution is under investigation”.

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