Local paper’s ‘live updates’ of a bus strike go hilariously viral

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

An online publication in the UK has been providing people with regular live updates after a bus strike has caused havoc across the area – only some people are struggling to take them seriously.

Teesside Live has been reporting on major disruptions to public transport in the region after around 650 bus drivers working for Arriva North East services have gone on a strike over pay rates.

As part of their reports, the publication has been giving passengers regular live updates on the situation, including arrivals and departures and any observations throughout the day.

And while this is likely handy for passengers affected, for others, the news stream seems rather comical with reports titled, “Bus completes its journey” and “Arriva bus arrives and departs”.

Bus strikes in Teesside, UK are causing major delays leaving the local publication to provide regular observations, only some people can’t seem to take them seriously. Source: Getty

Our first stop – there’s no one waiting. We drop a passenger off. Onto the next stop as we head through Stockton. The stop button beeps, signalling that a passenger will be getting off. There’s four who’ll be leaving us at the next stop so far,” another update said. 

One person questioned if it was a slow news day as they posted one of the updates to Reddit that read: “An Arriva 63 bus has just pulled into Middlesbrough station, followed by a large Megabus.

“It departs a few minutes later with eight passengers on board.”

The observations include when and where a bus os arriving/departing, and how many passengers are waiting at each stop. Source: Getty

And before long the post had gained hundreds of comments from people who could either relate to the situation or just wanted to make a mockery of it.

“To be fair, an Arriva bus actually turning up is a noteworthy story in of itself,” one person wrote.

Not to mention it leaving minutes later. It truly was a miracle,” someone replied.

Unless it was due to get there last week…,” a third person commented. 

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Meanwhile, others joked around asking if the Sky News helicopter was on the scene yet to which one person replied, “They’re following the bus right now as we speak”

Looks like the wheels on this bus, truly are, going round and round. Back to you in the studio,” another comment read. 

However many people who live in the area were aware that strikes had been causing major delays and suggested, “In fairness though, this is also pretty exciting stuff for Teesside.” 

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