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Lisa Wilkinson talks to Hamish Macdonald on The Project
The Project hosts are urging fans to donate as the bushfire crisis continues. Photo: Ten

The Project hosts are rallying behind the Australians devastated by the bushfire crisis, using their platform to push support for Fire Services and communities.

Lisa Wilkinson set the ball rolling earlier in the week, sharing a harrowing photo snapped by Hamish MacDonald in Bega, NSW at 2 pm.

The apocalyptic snapshot shows an afternoon of barely any light and visibility, the entire scene bathed in red light from the raging fires.

2 pm Bega, NSW on New Years Day 2020
A devastating scene captured in Bega on New Years Day. Photo: Hamish Macdonald via Instagram/lisa_wilkinson

Lisa took the opportunity to show fans how they could help out.

“If you too are finding it hard to fathom the level of suffering and devastation being experienced by so many right now across this incredible country of ours, or if you are utterly amazed by the round-the-clock sacrifice on display by our firies and their families and want to say thank you, there are a number of ways you can help no matter what state you live in, or which parts of your community have been affected,” she captioned the photo.

Lisa points out the best way to help is to put your money where your mouth is, sharing the best organisations to prop up financially.

She pointed to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Recovery and Relief, the Salvation Army Disaster Appeal and the St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal as worthy ways to help those affected.

Also mentioned were the fire service departments in desperate need of support, explaining a donation to the RFS Donations Page or NSW RFS Trust Fund is a great way to show support, as is directly supporting a local brigade.

She also highlighted the best way to support affected wildlife, particularly the koalas who are being ravaged by the blazes.

“In the face of what lies ahead, as we turn the page into a new decade, it’s the least we can all do....” she urged followers.

Word spreads

Carrie Bickmore looks at Lisa Wilkinson on The Project set
Carrie Bickmore also lent her voice to the cause. Photo: Ten

Weekday host Carrie Bickmore jumped on the initiative, sharing Lisa’s exhaustive list as a way of guiding people in the right direction.

“It’s been hard to know where to donate to make sure the money gets to the people who need it,” she prefaced the post.

With a combined following of over one million, the hosts are clearly hoping to spur even a small number of their followers to action, which seems to be exactly what they have achieved.

Fans respond

Praise for the host came in thick and fast with many pledging their support.

“Well said Lisa,” one fan wrote.

“Thank you Lisa, we will definitely support!” another wrote.

“Thank you, thank you for sharing, I will be donating,” one fan wrote to Carrie.

“I can’t even imagine what these families are going through. Donating straight away,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, the bushfires rage on at unprecedented levels across NSW and Victoria.

Today thousands are being ordered to evacuate from Victorian homes, with 28 people still missing.

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