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Lisa Vanderpump uses Febreze to keep her home smelling like 'clean laundry,' not dogs — snag a 2-pack for $11

The Bravo TV star spritzes the deodorizer everywhere, from furniture to makeup bags: 'I'm all about ambience.'

Have you ever thought about what someone like Lisa Vanderpump — who wears $1,200 shoes — uses to keep her home smelling fresh? It's only natural to assume the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum (whose most recent endeavor, Vanderpump Villa, premiered just last month) would douse her linens in high-end perfume and light pricey candles in every room. And while she might still do that, one thing we know for sure? She's a fan of Febreze Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray, which is $11 for a two-pack at Amazon. That's what we call puttin' on the spritz!

Bravo TV stars and Amazon shoppers alike keep their homes smelling splendid with these multi-use misters. 

  • Scents are designed to be stored in fabrics and released upon being touched
  • Can be used on nearly every type of fabric
  • Three scents to choose from
  • Some reviewers say it can take a while to dry if sprayed too close
  • Doesn't have a fine spray setting
$11 at Amazon

We can certainly understand why having a reliable spray would be important to Lisa. "We've saved 2,500 dogs with the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, and a few of them live with us. And I have cocker spaniels and Wheaten terriers and big retrievers that jump on the couch. So I'm around a lot of dogs all the time," she explained to The Strategist. "I'm all about ambience. I love music and flowers and scented candles and gorgeous things. I want my house to feel like a sanctuary. Febreze keeps my home smelling fresh, like very clean laundry. You can spray it anywhere, like the base of furniture where the dogs lie or on cushions themselves. I spray it on my makeup bags and curtains too."

Who among us doesn't want a simple solution for masking odors around the house, whether you've got sweaty kids, a spouse who loves to cook broccoli or a cat that would rather pee anywhere but the litter box? Well, the versatility of Febreze Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray is what has Lisa — and tens of thousands of Amazon shoppers — adding it to their carts.

It's safe to use on everything from sofas to carpets to clothing. But what sets it apart from other household scent products? According to the brand, its formulation allows it to be "stored" in whatever fabric it's sprayed on, and then released whenever someone comes into contact with that material. So, let's say you spritz some on a pillow. The scent should be activated as soon as you rest your head. Pretty cool!

This spray comes in three scents: Fresh, described as "clean, airy, laundry," Breeze, which is "crisp, cool, coastal," and Paradise, which has notes of "passion fruit, atemoya and pineapple."

Lisa Vanderpump wearing a black top against a pink background
The fact that Lisa Vanderpump has an affinity for Febreze might sound "Scandoval" to some, but we find it refreshing when celebs are fans of attainable products. (David Livingston/Getty Images)

Febreze Unstopables Touch Fabric Spray also has 26,000-plus five-star fans who've left glowing Amazon reviews. "Honestly, I'm hooked on this stuff," said one fan.

"I use it on my sheets, and it's like having fresh laundered sheets every night," raved another satisfied shopper. "The scent is subtle and not overpowering. I am sensitive to scents due to migraines, but have never had an issue with this product."

"As a dog owner, I try to keep my house smelling good at all times," shared a pleased pet parent. "In between dog baths and washing the furniture covers, I use this spray on my upholstery. Let me tell you, it smells amazing! A little goes a long way and it lasts. I like both scents, they are not overpowering yet do the job to neutralize odors."

"The scent stays light and airy for a good amount of time," wrote a fourth fan. "I spray it on everything except my leather furniture. Important to say that I have teacup poodle puppies, and it doesn’t bother them at all. My husband even likes the fragrance!"

While nearly 80% of reviewers gave this spray a perfect rating, some had a few notes.

"If I had to pick a con or complaint, it would be that it takes a little longer than other fabric sprays I've used to dry," said one. "Other than that, I'm absolutely in love and buy this product all the time."

"I wish the sprayer had a very fine mist," wrote an otherwise content customer. "That's the only thing I don’t like ... the scents are nice and they work."

The only question left: Which scent do you choose? Clean and fresh, cool and coastal, or fun and fruity?

$11 at Amazon
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$22 at Newegg

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"They transform my commute," shared a five-star fan. "Instead of feeling stuck in traffic with stale air, I now look forward to the inviting and refreshing scents that fill my car. It's a small but meaningful way to make a daily routine more enjoyable."

$6 at Amazon

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