Lisa Curry reveals worst part of I’m A Celebrity: 'Pounding headaches'

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Former I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star Lisa Curry has revealed one of the worst parts about being on the show.

Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the former Olympian revealed how her six-week stint on I'm A Celeb involved a "forced detox" as she wasn't able to drink coffee in the jungle.

I'm A Celebrity star Lisa Curry
Former I'm A Celebrity star Lisa Curry has revealed one of the worst parts of being on the show, saying all they could do was 'sleep it off'. Photo: Ten

"We had no coffee," she said. "(Most of us had) pounding headaches and all we could do was drink lots of water and sleep it off. The headaches lasted two to three days and then we were all fine."

During her time on the show, Lisa lost 9kg, with the star telling the publication your liver, gut and digestive system will thank you for doing a detox.


Speaking to Mamamia last year, former I'm A Celeb star Andrew Daddo spoke of the moments that challenged him the most, saying: "The boredom was relentless. There wasn’t much to do, so we made a checkers set, a chess set, craft club… that was kind of fun.

"Physically it was fine, emotionally and spiritually it was more difficult... it was a matter of getting through this day and hope there was more to do on the next day. And of course, the people – most were good, some definitely challenged."

Andrew Daddo and Keira Maguire
Andrew Daddo and Keira Maguire have shared their opinions on what the worst part of the show is. Photo: Ten

Keira Maguire also shared her experience, saying hers was a little different as she kept getting voted into challenges so was always busy.

"A lot of people complained about how boring it was but I was very occupied," she said.

"I feel like, for me, I just struggled with the people. As soon as I got there, they had an issue with me. It was like a constant battle, fighting them over nothing."

This year's contestant Beau Ryan would no doubt say the hunger was the worst part after being seen throwing a 'toddler tantrum' on Monday night after not receiving a cookie.

I'm A Celebrity's Beau Ryan
Beau Ryan shocked his co-stars after having a tantrum and walking through fire after missing out on a cookie. Photo: Ten

The former sportsman watched on as other contestants happily ate their cookies after successfully completing the task while he sat fuming.

He then shocked everyone by storming off in a rage and walking through the camp's fire.

The other celebrities looked at each other in shock with Dylan Lewis suggesting that Beau's reaction was getting out of hand.

Viewers were just as shocked with one user writing, "Can we all just collectively vote Beau out of the so-called jungle.

"I'm so over his toddler tantrums. He's ruining my viewing experience."

"Honestly it tracks that Beau Ryan would throw a massive tantrum over a cookie," another added. "I am not surprised in the slightest."

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