TikToker unveils insane MAFS application process after almost appearing on the show: 'Shocked me'

"Here's the story about how I was almost a bride this year..."

A TikToker has revealed she became very close to appearing on the 2024 season of MAFS as one of the brides and has revealed the insane application process.

The user, who goes by @juliasingsmyths2 on the app, took to TikTok to share her story, revealing she decided to apply around February last year after followers of her previous TikTok account (which was deleted by TikTok after she was targeted by trolls) suggested she do so after she shared several funny dating stories on the app.

Friends also encouraged her to apply for the show, and she decided to give it a crack.

TikToker @juliasingsmyths2 reveals she was almost on MAFS
A TikToker who was almost a bride on the 2024 season of MAFS has revealed the show's insane application process. Photo: TikTok/juliasingsmyths2

"Married at First Sight Australia, aka MAFS is about to air, so here's the story about how I was almost a bride this year," Julia began her video, adding, "I've actually met the love of my life, so I'm not too concerned about spilling the tea, because I know I'll never go on it. But boy was it a ride."

She shared that she applied for the show one night in February, adding it was "a long application" with "lots of questions", and thought that her application would likely get lost in the masses of people applying.


However, she got a call back the very next morning by a MAFS producer and had an interview set up for that same week. The application process would go from February to September, right before the weddings are filmed.

"There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers, and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist," she explained. "But that was not the only thing I had to do. I had to, of course, do a full police check, citizenship test, etc. But they also make you do an entire medical exam to make sure you are mentally and physically fit to participate on the show.

"One thing that shocked me, but probably shouldn't have shocked me, was that I was required to do every single STI check, including blood," she added, joking that the only thing she really learned from the tests was that she's low in iron.

"With this medical exam, you actually had to do a bunch of mobility tests as well, the funniest one was you had to go and do what's called a duck walk, where you crouch down and kind of like walk," she added, comparing it to what drag queens like Anetra from RuPaul's Drag Race do.

Julia said she went to a "random doctor" for the physical, and shared that he "didn't actually make me do any of those things".

"He was like, 'Oh, this is for a TV show. I don't watch TV,' and then continued to just like, tick off everything without making me do it," she shared.

'The most interesting part of the process'

"But I think the interviews were some of the most interesting part of the process, lots of different people for all of the interviews, and if you're wondering if, on reality TV, where producers kind of try to put words in your mouth and try and make you say things on camera - that started in the interview process," Julia spilled, adding that because all of the interviews were recorded, they could have used any of it for the show.

Julia said that she believed that the producers would have tried to make her appear like the villain on the show and tried to make her seem as though she thought she was smarter than all the brides and grooms on the show.

"I had producers say stuff like, 'Now Julia, you have three university degrees, and you speak five languages. Are you sure you're going to find your intellectual equal on this show?'," she shared, and continued to pretend to be a producer, saying, "'When you're on the show, and you meet the other couples, you know that you're going to be the smartest person in the room, right, including the men, but the girls, the other girls, they're going to be hairdressers and makeup artists. Do you think you're going to be able to make friends with girls like that?'"

This annoyed Julia, who responded, "And I'm like, 'Yes, of course. I love the girls, of course, I'm going to be friends with them. I have many interests outside of academia. I'm sure I'm gonna have lots in common with the other girls.'

"And they like, 'Yeah, but you're not like other girls, are you?' And I'm like, 'What's wrong with other girls? I love the girls.' In fact, the stupidest thing that a man can say to me to try and compliment me is, 'You're not like other girls,' because, like, what do people have against other girls that would make me think that that's a compliment?"

She added, "They were fully trying to get me to say that I was smarter than everyone else that no man on the show would be good enough for me. And all of this was recorded and I did not want to give them any opportunity to make me the villain."

"This went on from February until September when filming started and I was still considered a bride!"

Julia's followers were shocked by the rigorous application process, with many saying she "dodged a bullet".


"I watch it for the drama, but I wouldn't want to be a part of the drama," one TikTok user responded.

"So smart of you to think of the villain edit while doing the interviews and to handle the questions accordingly to avoid it!" another said.

When one user requested a part two, Julia surprised them (and us!) by replying, "Yes, girl, I completely forgot to mention the part where I dated one of the grooms on there."

"Lmfao shows like that LIVE for the conflict and drama!" someone else wrote.

"Why wouldn't you be friends with others? I'm glad you found happiness on your own," another said. "I was worried about you being on that show."

Julia also joked that had she gone on the show, she might have ended up with a ruined reputation, but also some pretty sweet brand deals!

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