Influencer wows with multiple meals made using one roast chook: 'Won't break the bank'

The Aussie has shared three simple but tasty recipes.

With the price of groceries and other necessities reaching new heights, it seems harder each day for the regular Aussie to come up with nutritious, cheap and filling meals.

Food influencer Jasmin Weston has come up with a new cooking series called “Boujee on a budget” to give Aussies some new ideas. One of her latest videos tackles the humble roast chook from Woolworths or Coles, turning the $12 item into three separate dishes: Shredded chipotle and buffalo chicken tacos, chicken salad on a blueberry bagel and shredded BBQ chicken burgers with slaw and pickles.

L: Roast chicken being poured into a pan. R: Jasmin holding a bowl of tacos made from one roast chook
The influencer shared three recipes to help elevate your roast chook. Photo: Instagram/jasminseats

Not only are these meals deliciously cheap, but since the chicken is already cooked, it’s also a great way to save time in the kitchen. “I don’t know how I’m gonna finish this, let alone the leftovers I still have, but all of this was made from a singular hot chook,” she said.

Jasmin began by taking all the meat off the hot chook, before jazzing part of it up with black beans, onions and seasoning. Next, she popped the taco filling into a tortilla in a pan along with shredded cheese and served it with sour cream.


For her second item, she combined shredded chicken with mayonnaise, mustard, celery, red grapes, almonds, red onion and salt and pepper. The influencer then scooped the chicken salad filling onto two toasted blueberry bagels.

For the last item, she popped the shredded chicken in a pan with smokey BBQ sauce and made a homemade coleslaw. Jasmin then layered the fillings onto a brioche bun along with some sliced pickles.

She left another handy tip in the comments, saying that the taco and burger filling can be frozen and stored for future meals.


‘Woolworths roast chicken has never looked so good’

Jasmin’s followers went wild for the trio of recipes, with one saying “using rotisserie chickens is the best move always!”

“This is proof you don’t have to break the bank to make wholesome delicious foods. From one roast chook ALLLLL that food is incredible babe. Thanks for the constant reminder you can eat well on a budget,” another commented.

“This is an amazingly excellent way to create a burst of flavours with a chook. Great ideas on a budget. Love your work,” a third gushed.

“Cracking ideas,” another wrote. “I will probs need a chicken for each – three teen boys with hollow legs – but definitely going to try these.”

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