Where is Kate Middleton? The wildest theories about the Princess of Wales' whereabouts

Social media sure has some strange ideas on where Kate has been hiding!

Social media has been ablaze in recent days as royal fans try to get to the bottom of where Kate Middleton has been after getting abdominal surgery in January. The Princess of Wales hasn't been seen in public since Christmas Day.

Some X users have joked that Kate is in hiding due to cosmetic surgery or a bad haircut, while some think she and Prince William are in the midst of a divorce and the Palace is trying to keep things under wraps. Another theory is that she is working at the chaotic Willy's Chocolate Experience in Glasgow, Scotland, which has also been trending on social media due to its disappointing and comical look, with people comparing it to the botched Fyre Fest.

Where in the world is Kate Middleton? Photo: Getty
Where in the world is Kate Middleton? Photo: Getty

Where is Kate Middleton now?

When Kate underwent abdominal surgery, it was announced she would be unable to work until after Easter. King Charles is similarly out of action as he is currently being treated for a form of cancer.

Prince William also sent tongues wagging when he unexpectedly dropped out of an event in tribute to his late godfather, Greece's late King Constantine, which was taking place at Windsor Castle on Tuesday, very close to his family's home, Adelaide Cottage (where Kate is recuperating).


Kensington Palace stated the Prince of Wales ditched the event due to a "personal matter", with many believing it was due to his wife Kate Middleton's health.

Prince William, Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
Kate's last public appearance with her family was on Christmas Day. Photo: Getty

The Palace was once again forced to issue a statement following rumours of Kate's disappearance, with a spokesperson telling Town & Country, "Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the Princess’ recovery and we’d only be providing significant updates. That guidance stands."

They also reiterated that the Princess of Wales is "doing well".

From a bad haircut to a surprising new job, the internet has some ideas on where Kate is...

While it's unlikely any of these theories are correct, here are just some of the wild ideas coming out online...

She's recovering from a Brazilian butt lift

The memes coming through on this theory have been *chef's kiss*, I'd love for this to be true.

She's had a bad haircut

Someone should probably also check in on Kate's hairdresser if this is the case...

She's working at the Willy Wonka Experience Glasgow

She's Banksy?

Not only is she potentially working at Willy's Chocolate Experience, but she's also Banksy? I'd buy it.

There's trouble with William and she's found herself a new king

Pete Davidson does have a way with the ladies, after all...

The royals are being Saltburn-ed

Perhaps something more sinister is happening here? We just hope any dance scenes are kept behind closed doors.

She and Charles have been Freaky Friday-ed

And quite possibly my favourite...

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