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Doctor's warning against influencer skincare: 'Watch out for miracle cures'

Prescription skincare allows targeted results.

Seven out of ten beauty shoppers admit they turn to influencers to discover new products for their skin.

However, a leading doctor is warning against blindly trusting everything you see on social media. Dr Sabrina Campbell, a GP with women’s online health platform Moshy, says many products advertised by influencers simply don't deliver results.

Woman with three dots of skincare products on her face.
Influencer's skincare routines might not suit your skin, warns Dr Sabrina Campbell. Photo: Getty

“There are so many skin care products out there and influencers can make certain products look and sound like a miracle cure, but the truth is influencers don’t understand your individual skin type or your skin concerns,” she says.

“What many women don’t realise is that a GP can help address skin concerns, and prescribe a treatment to meet individual needs.”

Moshy is an online platform that takes the guesswork out of what's best for your skin. On the advice of GPs, it prescribes customised skincare to address all your personal skin concerns. Once a doctor has worked out what your skin needs, they work with a pharmacist to create a custom formula that's delivered directly to your door.


Skincare formulated specifically for your skin

Prescription skincare can make a big difference to your skin, especially when it's formulated specifically for you.

"Prescription skincare contains active ingredients like tretinoin, which increases the turnover rate of skin cells, making them divide faster and die faster, so newer, healthier cells can take their place," says Dr Campbell.

Before and after photos of skin.
One of Moshy's skincare customers shows off their skin before and after using the product. Photo: Supplied

"It’s the higher doses of active ingredients, used under the guidance of a medical professional that really makes a difference.”

For $120, Moshy gives you an initial online consultation, three months of prescription skincare and access to ongoing support from a doctor so you can address questions or concerns at any time.

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