Leo: Today's horoscope

Picture: Getty

December 10, 2018

Today the Moon moves through the somewhat wacky sign of Aquarius. Here’s what that does in your horoscope (as we all have Aquarius where in our chart, we have all 12 signs – it’s just how astrology and moonology work!)

When the Moon is in the Seventh House … well, sing that song because the Moon is going to be in your Seventh House (which is the House of Love) over the next two a bit days. Other People are taking up more and more of your emotional headspace now. If your closest one-to-one relationships are going well for you now, you can expect the passage of the Moon through your opposite sign over the next two or so days to bring you and your partner (or closest friends) even closer. The Moon tends to focus your feelings, so if life with a lover or ex has been traumatic, it’s time to deal with the issues at hand.

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