Leo Daily Horoscope – 29 June 2022

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There’s a New Moon this week so there’s a wonderful chance for a total restart.
What it means: It’s all about … Your secret most private self
Moon Meditation: My dreams are my guide
You know when you read your astrology forecasts and it says something spooky like ‘trust your dreams’? This is one of those forecasts. Right now, the New Moon is energising the part of your chart which relates to dreams, and to all things secret and spooky. The part of your chart being triggered affects the side of yourself that you don’t tell others about. It’s about your secret self, your shadow side and your unconscious self. Trusting your dreams is a great idea now because the Moon in this part of your chart can bring so much to the surface that’s worth investigating. Because this part of your chart is also about al[ things spooky, it’s also a great time to get in touch with your spiritual side by doing things like yoga and meditation. Sure yoga exercises the body, but both yoga and meditation also calm the mind and help you get closer to your ‘core self’. If you don’t understand what that means, sign up for a meditation or yoga course and you soon will! This is the end of another cycle, so let go of what you no longer want in your life, to make room for what you do!
New Moon Ritual: Meditate every day – if you don’t know how, just sit quietly and breathe for 15 minues, or find a teacher!
* Make like a yogi and bend yourself into a pretzel
* Take time out from the mad social whirl
* Keep a tape recorder by your bed to dictate your dreams into
* Consider what you least like about yourself and what you can do about that part of yourself
* Trust your intuition
* Buy a meditation tape and listen to it every day for a month
* Write poetry from the heart
* Share one of your secrets
We are still in New Moon phase,. Have you made your wishes? Find out how in the (free!) Moon Lite Collective

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