Lenny Kravitz Visited Buc-ee's for the First Time, and Fans Can't Believe What He Picked Up While There

Lenny Kravitz / Buc-ee's

We all love a good moment when a celebrity seemingly drops down from the heavens and makes us all realize that they're really no different from the rest of us. And if there’s one popular celeb who always finds a way of rendering us all speechless, it would without a doubt be Lenny Kravitz. The man just oozes cool and he always finds a way to put a smile on his fans' faces, which we recently got a glimpse of thanks to a video shared to Kravitz’s personal TikTok.

While making a pit stop at a local Buc-ee's fill station, the video shows Kravitz emerging from his tour bus with a caption that read, “First time at @bucees… So many smiling faces and warm hearts. We are all #Human.”

Kravitz’s song "Human" can be heard playing in the background of the video as the star makes his way around Buc-ee’s, taking selfies, hugging fans and shaking hands with children whose parents are probably way more excited than they are.

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The last thing anyone would expect to find at their local Buc-ee's is a superstar like Lenny Kravitz walking around decked out in leather and smiling ear to ear. But if you consider the slew of fan-favorite items for sale everyday at Buc-ee's, then one can only assume that Kravitz learned exactly what's up with the popular roadside convenience supercenter.

The now-viral video has since garnered thousands of likes and views, leaving everyone to obsess over exactly what the Grammy award-winning artist stopped in to pick up. Kravitz can be seen snagging a bag of Beaver Nuggets (excellent choice), a bag of chips, some energy drinks and what looks like a chicken sandwich or burger wrapped in foil before finally heading back to his tour bus.

If we look past the distracting facade of a beautiful and talented artist, we can see that Kravitz is really not much different from the rest of us, and he shares some of the same exact cravings we all have. Touring as an artist can be a grueling process, and it's the regular everyday experiences like shopping at Buc-ee's and interacting with fans that can bring back some sort of normalcy to their lives. We were already big fans of Kravitz, but now he just solidified his coolness in yet another way.

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