‘Lee’ Movie, Explained: Kate Winslet as American War World II Correspondent and Photographer Lee Miller, Capturing the Victims of War and More

Elizabeth “Lee” Miller receives the biopic treatment this September with a new film starring Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet. “Lee” tells the story of former model Lee Miller’s photography and correspondence during World War II, highlighting the lengths to which the photographer went to capture some of the most indelible images for the time.

Ahead of its release, learn more about “Lee,” including its premiere date, plot and director.

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What is “Lee” about?

“Lee” follows Lee Miller (Kate Winslet) through a pivotal decade in the American war correspondent and photographer’s life. The film highlights Miller’s participation in the war efforts, and how she managed to capture some of the most shocking images from World War II, particularly images of women and victims of the war.

kate winslet, lee miller
Kate Winslet in “Lee.”

The film also depicts Miller’s private life and how her work impacted the world years after her time Europe, including moments from Miller’s senior years when she is reflecting on her time and work during the war. In shedding light on Miller’s work and personal life, “Lee” also depicts how the photographer confronted a deeply held childhood trauma.

When does “Lee” hit theaters?

“Lee” debuts in theaters Sept. 27. The film is rated R for disturbing images, language and nudity.

Who directs “Lee”?

“Lee” is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ellen Kuras. In 2009, Kuras earned the Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature for her 2008 film “The Betrayal.” Kuras is also a noted cinematographer and has worked on such films as “If These Walls Could Talk,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “A Little Chaos.” Winslet starred in the latter two films.

kate winslet, lee miller
“Lee” poster.

With Winslet leading the film, “Lee” costars Josh O’Connor, Alexander Skarsgård, Oscar-nominated actress Andrea Riseborough, Andy Samberg and Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard.

Are there any trailers?

Roadside Attractions and Vertical recently released the first teaser trailer for “Lee.”

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