Learn About Mental Health With These 9 Podcasts

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important part of public discourse, as people in various parts of the world begin having honest conversations around issues like depression, anxiety and even sexuality. These topics, which unfortunately became more relevant due to the pandemic, can be difficult to approach due to the lack of information readily available. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, here, we've rounded up a list of educational podcasts that can help you learn more about mental health, self-love, confidence and more. Our picks include Other People's Problems, which offers a glimpse at real-life therapy sessions, as well as Brown Girl Self-Care, a podcast dedicated to women of color and Dear Sugars covers all kinds of issues based on submissions from listeners.

Continue reading to explore some of our favorite podcasts centered around mental health and well-being. And while you are here, see a list of mindfulness and online therapy apps and platforms.

Black Girl Bravado

Hosted by two Black best friends, Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey, Black Girl Bravado is all about sisterhood, self-care, entrepreneurship and more.

Therapy for Black Girls

Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist based in Atlanta, TBG explores mental health and personal development. Listeners can tune in on a weekly basis for guidance and discussions to support those small steps towards our ideal selves.

Brown Girl Self-Care

Southern California-based Bre Mitchell, also known as The Self-Care Pusher, talks about everything from personal experiences to current events in her podcast dedicated to women of color. Some of her latest episodes touch on weight gain during lockdown, the Derek Chauvin verdict and trauma. Every now and then, the host invites experts onto the podcast to speak about wellness and health practices.

The Happiness Lab

In this series, Dr. Laurie shares her research on happiness and what makes a happier life. Inspired by her course at Yale University, each week Dr. Laurie unpacks why humans do the exact opposite of what makes them happy, while encouraging change.

Checking In with Michelle Williams

Hosted by none other than Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams, Checking In, is a safe space to unveil what's underneath. With a celebrity interview format, Williams and friends "offer skills on how to manage mental health hardships and even offer coping strategies for emotional well-being."

Dear Sugars

Hosted by Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, Dear Sugars reads letter submissions to answer all sorts of questions from its community. Some episodes aren't necessarily focused on the topic of mental health, but you'll find yourself listening to different stories and advice that might be just what you needed.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

This fan-favorite title boasts more than 500 weekly episodes of conversations between comedian Paul Gilmartin and artists, friends, professionals and more. Topics are typically focused around depression and addiction, as well as other mental health issues. The Mental Illness Happy Hour has been praised for providing a safe space for all, while normalizing what many have been too embarrassed or hesitant to discuss.

Not Another Anxiety Show

A registered nurse and certified wellness coach, Kelli Walker takes listeners on a journey to understanding anxiety. Through conversations with experts, the host provides tips and advice that may help alleviate stress and overcome anxiety.

Other People's Problems

Other People's Problems offers a look into what a real therapy session looks like. In each episode, listeners can experience Hillary McBride and her clients working on issues such as trauma, eating disorders, relationships and more. Make sure to stay tuned for the Season 5 premiere in June 2024.

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