Leah Itsines' air fryer banana and blueberry muffins recipe

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Welcome to Yahoo Lifestyle’s recipe series with Bare founder Leah Itsines. If you missed any of her previous delicious recipes you can find them all HERE.

‘Barefried’ banana and blueberry muffins

This is the PERFECT snack for that mid-morning hunger OR to cure that 3:30-itis.


  • 1 Cup Almond Meal

  • 3 Very Ripe Bananas, Mashed

  • 1⁄4 Cup Coconut flour

  • 1⁄4 Cup Raw Honey

  • 1-Cup Fresh blueberries

  • 3 Eggs

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • Pinch Of Cinnamon


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl together except the berries!

  2. Use a spoon to combine all ingredients together.

  3. Once the mixture is thick in consistency, fold the berries in with a spoon.

  4. Pour into a silicon muffin moulds

  5. Bake in the Air Fryer on 180 degrees celcius for 15-20 minutes, or until brown.


Using a skewer, poke it deep into the cake; if it comes out clean, it’s ready!

*If vegan - 1/3 cup of apple sauce can replace 1 egg in any baking recipe!

Replace honey with rice malt syrup. Make that switch if needed!

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