Latest Kate Middleton Health Update Sends Internet Into a Spiral Again

Kate Middleton

While we thought the Kate Middleton theories were finally put to rest, the internet is back with more speculation about the princess' whereabouts.

As she continues to privately battle an undisclosed form of cancer, an insider said Kate's team is currently "reevaluating what she’s going to be able to take on when she comes back," despite the Palace's initial promise that the Princess of Wales would be back to her royal duties as soon as her doctors gave her the go-ahead.

Now fans aren't so sure what to believe after the source told Us Weekly that Kate "may never come back in the role people saw her in before."

The new development has already sparked another wave of internet theories, with users on X (formerly Twitter) once again voicing their ideas of what could be going on with Kate.

"She will never come back," one person boldly predicted, while someone else admitted, "This does not sound good."

Others were frustrated with the royal family's way of handling the situation, with many arguing that the level of secrecy is what is just perpetuating the mounting speculation from fans.

"This whole thing has felt so sinister since the beginning. Whoever runs PR for the royals should be replaced immediately because it's a catastrophe," someone else implored.

"Why are they not being up front about her status? The more secretive, the more suspicious the country will be," another person pointed out.

Other users online tried to stay positive, insisting that the princess could just still be recovering from treatment, and could be dealing with hair loss as a result of the chemotherapy.

As we know, the situation regarding Kate's whereabouts, or "#KateGate," first arose earlier this year, after she underwent a planned abdominal surgery followed by a months-long absence from the public.

The Palace later shared a photo of Kate that appeared to be photoshopped, prompting the internet to run wild with a multitude of different theories at the time, including those who speculated that Kate was divorcing Prince William, and even some who thought the princess could actually be dead.

The internet frenzy eventually got so out of hand that Kate addressed the situation herself, revealing in a video message that she had been diagnosed with cancer after the January procedure and was starting to undergo chemotherapy treatment.

Now, fans online aren't sure what to think, but they're hoping the princess will be okay and eventually find her way back to her usual role as a future queen.

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