How last night's Bachelorette episode was a massive stitch up

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

After being eliminated from last night following a dramatic double date, Bachelorette star Ivan Krslovic says he was somewhat doomed from the start.

The dancer had been chosen to go on a date with not just bachelorette Ali, but the show’s frontrunner Bill, and he believes everyone including the producers knew he’d be the one who would be sent home at the end.

“Yeah I definitely did think that,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle on Thursday when asked if putting him against Ali’s favourite Bill was a “stitch up” that gave him no chance of coming back with a rose.

Bachelorette star Ivan says he was doomed from the start last night. Photo: Channel Ten

“We all knew how much time Bill had with her and obviously that did play in my mind,” he continued.

“Up until that time he’s had the most time out of everyone with Ali and he’s had the wild rose. I knew I was definitely behind the eight ball.”

On Wednesday night Bachelorette fans saw Ali break Ivan’s heart and send him home.

In this situation I’ve gone after my heart… and my heart tells me that I can’t see a future with you,” she told him.

Ivan and Bill both had to impress Ali on the date. Photo: Channel Ten

Earlier on during the date, Ivan raised eyebrows when he put two whole unpeeled avocados into a blender when preparing a dessert as Ali spoke privately with Bill.

“They [the producers] let me go and make an absolute debacle of myself for about 15 minutes before someone ran over and told me to scrape it out and start again,” Ivan revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I was flicking the switch, unplugging the chord. I pushed all the buttons, pretty much did everything but think about peeling the skin,” he laughed.

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

Bill has spent the most time with Ali so far. Photo: Channel Ten

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