Larry Emdur: 'My wife gets to sleep with a guy from Men's Health'

Luke Benedictus, Editor

A couple of months ago, an email from Larry Emdur pinged into the Men’s Health inbox.

The Morning Show host had just completed his photo-shoot for the Celebrity MH Man competition. At the time, Larry didn’t know that he’d go on to win it by a landslide public vote. The gracious note that he rattled off simply reflected what he’d gone through to transform himself into peak condition at the age of 50.

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That email, reproduced below, reads like a blueprint of the MH editorial mission. Our aim is to give you the know-how to evolve into a fully optimised version of yourself. And just as Larry found out through his phenomenal efforts, it’s never too late to start.

Hey All,
Just got home and felt compelled to put my feelings in writing before I go out for Macca's, KFC and Pizza Hut. Thank you for thinking of me and inviting me to take on this challenge. It has tested me on every level. Just when I was at a very comfortable phase in my life and thought everything was going along just fine, this journey has shaken things up and given me an entire new lease on life.

And to turn 50 next week in better shape than I was when I was 30 is just amazing. I can't thank you guys enough for teaming me with up with PT Cameron Byrnes – his training and psychological coaching was bloody fantastic.

It's funny to think I've always had the time, the inclination, the money and the resources to make this happen, yet I never have. I guess I've just never had the proper motivation, guidance or mindset. You gave me all those missing ingredients to build and to reach a brand-new me, a brand-new 50-year-old me.

Team, regardless of what happens from here on in, I have met my personal goals, (I honestly didn't think I could). It's been the greatest personal, physical and mental challenge of my life, a title previously held by sailing in the Sydney to Hobart.

I cannot thank you enough, my wife and kids are so proud of me. Just when I thought I'd reached an age where I had come to terms with "That's it, that's the way I'm going to be and feel for the rest of my life".

I am eternally grateful. And so is Sylvie, 'coz tonight she gets to sleep with a guy from Men's Health . . . Woo-hoo!


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