Kylie Minogue's secret engagement revealed in slip-up

Kylie Minogue is engaged to boyfriend Paul Solomon, according to her future mother-in-law, who confirmed the news this week.

The pop icon has been dating the Welshman since 2018, and it seems the couple are taking their relationship to the next level and planning a wedding.

Singer Kylie Minogue poses as engagement revealed
Singer Kylie Minogue is engaged according to friends and family. Photo: AP

Solomon, 42, is the Creative Director of British GQ magazine while Kylie, 52, is currently promoting her album Disco, which was released in November 2020.

The news was inadvertently confirmed by friend of the couple UK singer and actress Billie Piper, who referred to Paul as Kylie’s ‘fiance’ in an interview with Elle Magazine.

 Kylie Minogue and Paul Solomons engaged mother in law confirms
Kylie and Paul Solomons have been dating since 2018. Photo: Getty Images

Since the slip-up, Paul’s mother told The Daily Mail she was ‘thrilled’ for the pair on the news of their engagement.

‘She’s very nice, I’m thrilled they’re engaged,” she told the online publication.


When it came to details of how he popped the question, any forecasted dates or plans however, she remained tight-lipped.

‘It’s very exciting. But, I’m sorry, I cannot tell you any more because I’ve been told not to,” she told them.

“I respect my son and I respect Kylie too much to say any more.”

Neither Kylie nor Paul has commented on the rumours.

Kylie Minogue and Paul Solomons pose, return to Melbourne January 2021 on back of engagement rumours
Kylie reportedly bought Paul home to Melbourne last month. Photo: Getty Images

The news sheds some light on Kylie’s recent return home to Melbourne reportedly with Paul in tow, in January.

At the time her promoter said she was planning to stay ‘or a while’ and was ecstatic to see her family, and with this kind of news to share its little wonder!

The marriage will be the first for the Locomotion singer, who has had a string of long-term relationships but not marriages under her belt.

It’s not her first engagement however, Kylie was briefly engaged to younger boyfriend actor Joshua Sasse, 32, in 2016 but they called it off a year later.

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