Kyle Sandilands trolls 'boring' co-star Anna Heinrich

Kyle Sandilands unleashed on co-star Anna Heinrich on The Project. Photo: ten

Kyle Sandilands has unleashed a scathing character assesment of Trial by Kyle co-star Anna Heinrich, telling The Project she is ‘vanilla’ and ‘boring’.

The shock jock appeared on the current affair program ahead of the show hitting screens last night to mixed reviews.

When describing the show’s appeal, he threw co-star Anna well and truly under the bus with a harsh assessment of her role on the show that has hit a nerve or two among viewers.

“You’ve got beautiful vanilla boring Anna over there, the criminal lawyer, very nice chick, boring though!” he said. “She helps out with the legal things.”

Anna was the winner of Tim Robards’ season of The Bachelor back in 2013 and is a qualified criminal lawyer.

Anna Heinrich is the only participant in Trial by Kyle with legal qualification. Photo: Ten

Tim and Anna went the distance after the reality series and tied the knot in June last year in a lavish ceremony in southern Italy.

They’re now in a long-distance marriage while hubby Tim stars in Neighbours, which is filmed in Melbourne.

As host Rachel Corbett pointed out, the reality star is the only one with any actual legal expertise on the series, ‘judge’ Kyle included.

This point Kyle brushed off with an attack on, of all things, education as a very concept.

“But that means nothing, though,” he retorted. “At the end of the day, that means nothing to me. Just because she has (a degree) — I don’t think ‘Oh, you finished uni, you’re better than me.’ I don’t care. Did you hear much I’m earning?! She’s earning nothing compared to me! So really education means sh*t!”

Host Rachel Corbett's point was rebutted by Kyle's pay check. Photo: Ten

Kyle is referring, of course, to the staggering pay packet he and co-host Jackie O secured this year.

The KIIS FM breakfast show hosts have reportedly extended their contracts with the ARN, Australian Radio Network, until the end of 2024, with both set to earn between $7-8 million per year - each, according to

That would see them make over $39,000 per radio show - which lasts 3.5 hours.

Trial by Kyle panned

Kyle Sandilands' new show Trial by Kyle has been panned. Photo: Ten

Despite the bravado around his appearance on the new show, Trial by Kyle has been savaged online, with people left scratching their heads about why Kyle is playing judge on national TV.

“Wtf, is this an actual show?,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“#TrialByKyle would have to be the worst show I’ve ever seen on TV,” another person, while another said: “Is this a piss-take or what?”

So far the show has featured 48-year-old Kyle presiding over the courtroom giving his verdict on everything from fights over stolen money that was used for botox to food being stolen from a backpackers.

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