Kyle Sandilands divides with huge call for changes amid Sydney stabbings: 'What has to happen?'

Kyle revealed on Monday that his wife's family member was one of those who was stabbed at Westfield Bondi Junction.

Kyle Sandilands has divided fans after making a huge call for changes to security in Sydney after two stabbing incidents.

Six people died on Saturday, and a dozen more were injured by knifeman Joel Cauchi, who was shot dead by lone NSW Police Inspector Amy Scott.

On Monday night, an alleged stabbing spree at a church in Western Sydney, which sparked riots, was deemed an act of terror and is now the basis of "a major and serious criminal investigation", NSW Premier Chris Minns announced this morning.

Kyle Sandilands speaks about Sydney stabbings
Kyle Sandilands has hit out at the NSW government following two stabbing incidents in Sydney within days of each other. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

Shocking social media footage emerged of religious leader Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel allegedly being attacked at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley while delivering his sermon at about 7.10pm on Monday.

On Tuesday, Kyle, whose wife's family member was stabbed during the Westfield attack, joined many Aussies calling for security guards to be armed following the two violent attacks.


"It's lunacy that people are running around, stabbing folks, stabbing a bishop in his church in a sermon," Kyle said on his KIIS FM radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show. "As you can imagine, people are already on tenterhooks, then some d**khead goes in and attacks a man of God."

He continued, "And then I saw the [NSW] premier last night on TV saying firearms for security guards are not on the agenda. I was like, well what has to happen before a security guard can actually secure the place for us? Every shopping centre and every school should have armed security guards, trained specialists... I mean proper trained."

"There's people that work in Westfield, for example, women that work in shops that have told their husbands, 'I ain't never going back to Westfield. I'm never going back to work again.' They're traumatised forever."

He added, "Enough of being kind and letting the loons run around amongst us, let's gather them up, let's lock them away, get them the treatment."

"They should think about tasers for security guards not guns!" one Instagram user commented, with another agreeing, "I agree. We don’t want to become like America."

"Exactly! 👍🏼 They don’t need a gun, is actually dangerous as it can be stolen if the security guard gets injured and in an unconscious state," a third said.

"That is no way the answer Kyle, leave the guns to police who are properly screened and trained," someone else added. "We are not USA."

"Everyone needs to learn a combat sport!" another said. "No one should live in fear. Arm yourself in a legal way. Guns are not the answer."

Others were on Kyle's side, with one user writing, "Agree, but government should provide free medication and access to [psychologist] and psychiatrist to those ppl in need! Healthcare system should be revised all together 🙌."

"100% agree, Kyle," another said. "I work in Westfield and have done for five years and in a jewellery store. I’ve had snatch and grabs and very deranged customers in store at times…. It’s uncomfortable and I live with the fear of it now every day in my life but I need to work to support my family … what’s worse the security guards can do nothing but stand there and intimidate… at minimum I think they need a taser or something to be able to defend the public."

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