Kourtney Kardashian blasted over nine-year-old daughter’s fake nails

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  • Kourtney Kardashian
    Kourtney Kardashian
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Kourtney Kardashian has been called out for letting her nine-year-old daughter, Penelope, get fake nails.

Social media users were seemingly outraged after Penelope, who the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shares with her ex-partner Scott Disick, shared a video on TikTok showcasing her long, brown acrylics.

Kourtney Kardashian.
Kourtney Kardashian has been called out after her daughter, Penelope, posted a TikTok showing off her fake nails. Photo: Instagram/kourtneykardash

In the clip, she opens up a can of United Soda and pours it into a mug filled with ice, followed by a quick shot of her giving the thumbs up and a snippet of Kourtney drinking the beverage straight from the can.

While there were plenty of comments joking about how expensive the pink soda can looks, a number of users were angered by Penelope’s brown fake nails.

“Wow, kids this age put on nails in the USA…” one person wrote, with another adding, “P you’re too young to be fixing nails”.

“WAIT… Does she have tips on!? At that age I was lucky enough to wear eyeshadow,” someone else shared.

“Wait she’s like seven and has acrylics?” a fourth commented, followed by a different user who simply replied, “Are you serious?”.

Shortly after she started copping backlash, however, Penelope received an overwhelming amount of support for her stylish nails.

“Can’t understand why people are mad about press-on nails, they look cute,” a fan shared.


“Why are people bothered by her nails? I wore press on nails at that age, sure most of us did,” another remarked.

“Those nails are fire,” one user wrote, while someone else joked, “She has better nails than me”.

“Love the nails. My sisters and I used to put on nails when we were little but yours look better,” a fifth commented.

Penelope posted a video last week showing the process of getting her nails done, although the comments are currently turned off.

Penelope's nails.
Penelope shared a video last week getting her nails done. Photos: TikTok/pandkourt

Penelope’s TikTok account, @pandkourt, which is managed by her mum Kourtney, first launched in October and has already gained 2.4 million followers and 26 million collective likes.

She regularly shares content with her family and so far all of her videos have received over one million views, with the highest currently at 11.8 million.

One of her videos recently made headlines as it featured Kourtney and her fiancé, drummer Travis Barker, hugging in the background.

The trio participated in the ‘helikopter’ trend where they simply spin around in a room while filming on two times speed, however, the recently affianced couple awkwardly started embracing while Penelope continued dancing.

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