Kmart worker reveals the best time to get markdowns

When Jessica and her boyfriend Jason found some amazing Kmart sales items one evening, she couldn't help sharing them on her TikTok account, @adaywithjessica, and with bargains like six embossed glasses for 20 cents, who could blame them?

"Hit up Kmart, the sales were incredible yesterday," she said on her video as they stocked up on colourful floral canisters, cookware, clothing and of course, those 20c drinking glasses.

TikToker Jessica and her boyfriend Jason in store at Kmart discovering some bargains. Jason holding up a six pack of drinking glasses.
Jessica and her boyfriend Jason shared their discovery of the time to score bargains at Kmart on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@adaywithjessica

"It's run to Kmart O'clock," one person wrote, while another commented: "Kmart here I come!"

And many shoppers were so glad they did, not just because they shared some great prices.


Best time to find a bargain

In a comment that has since been removed from the video's comments, a South Australian Kmart worker revealed the exact time to go into a Kmart store if you want to find the pick of the markdowns.

"As a Kmart employee - markdowns are done on Mondays, so that's the best time to get a bargain!" she wrote.

Bi discounts at Kmart on canisters, cards, glasses and car accessories.
Some of their top bargains included canisters for $2, cards with envelopes for $1.50, six glasses for just 20c and a stearing wheel cover for 50c. Photo: TikTok/@adaywithjessica

"I would assume it's the same [in all stores] as they will go on clearance on the website at the same time," she added.

And even though the comment has been deleted, another Kmart employee confirmed the tip saying: "I work at Kmart and I can agree this is true."

And the original poster, Jessica, confirmed that was when she had gone to the store. "I went Monday night around 8pm."

And she and her boyfriend had such a successful shop they decided to return to Kmart again last Monday and spied more bargains including 50c for a sheet mask and other cosmetics ranging from $2 - $4.

Another mum also discovered bargains in her local Kmart early in the week. The mum shared her haul on a bargains Facebook page explaining that she had been able to get baby onesies for just a dollar each.

"Couldn't believe my luck last night at Kmart Cannington, they had a rack of clothes newborn to size 2 all for $1," she shared.

"Managed to find 3 Winnie the Pooh, all together worth nearly $100 but came down to around $9," she added.

Heavily discounted baby clothes at Kmart
Members of a bargain Facebook bargain hunting group also discovered the advantage of Monday evening Kmart missions! Photo: Facebook

She had also gone in the early evening saying: "this was around 6/7pm."

However with the secret out and Kmart fans ready to all descend on the store every Monday evening, they may need to change the night that they do their markdowns.

Until then, run, don't walk.

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