'Looks brand new!': The $5 Kmart tablecloth hack to transform old furniture

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Fee Sinclair shared a snap of what looks like three new chairs. photo: Supplied/ Fee Sinclair

A mum has taken Facebook by storm with an ingenious, quick and cheap hack to save ratty, old and rapidly expiring furniture everywhere.

We can almost guarantee even the most DIY-adverse person will be able to pull this one off, and the best news is that it will only set you back $5.

Posting to a Kmart fan page, mum Fee Sinclair revealed that she managed to salvage her old dining chairs by investing in a $5 Kmart tablecloth.

The Kmart tablecloth goes for just $5.50. Photo: Kmart

Ravaged by her two little ones, the mum was at her wit’s end with the stained chairs and decided rather than going to the effort, and considerable cost, of replacing them, that she would try a quick reupholster at home.

Armed just with the waterproof table cloth and a staple gun, the mum managed to not only protect the chairs from everyday spills and stains but also gave them a facelift in the process.

The chairs transformation took just a couple of hours. photo: Supplied/ FeeSinclair

“My dining chairs were absolutely ruined thanks to my two little hurricanes......$5.50 table cloth from Kmart did the trick,” the mum wrote alongside jaw-dropping pics of the easy transformation.

“Easy to clean and not breaking the bank if needs to be replaced in a few months.”

How to do the hack at home

The tablecloth is the standard Flannelback Palm Tablecloth that is available at Kmart stores for $5.50.

Fee explained that the easy trick involves unscrewing the seat from the base of the chairs.

The tablecloth can either be added on top of existing upholstery or the old material removed and replaced.

A simple staple gun job and voila! Brand new chairs for $5.50 in a couple of hours!

Parents in love with easy fix

Other parents in the group were gobsmacked at the deceptively easy hack, flooding the photos with comments.

“Great idea. Clever lady,” one mum wrote.

“Why have I never thought of this omg what a genius idea!” another bemoaned.

“Looks great and the chairs look brand new!” someone observed.

Some were left kicking themselves that they hadn’t thought of the hack sooner.

“I wish I knew this before I chucked mine out and got wood chairs,” one lady wrote. “This would have been so much cheaper!”

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