Kmart shoppers go wild over $49 storage item: 'The best'

Kmart fans were obsessed with the woman's find.

A Kmart shopper has wowed people online after she showed off a new $49 purchase from the discount department store to keep her fridge organised and her vegetables fresher for longer.

Sharing a video on TikTok account @keep_it_organised, the woman unpacked the five-piece Anko fridge storage set before showing the number of vegetables she could fit into each container.

In one she stored green and purple grapes while she packed strawberries and blueberries into another. Grabbing a different container, the Kmart shopper stocked it with five capsicums and managed to fit eight tomatoes into a long container.

A Kmart store (left) and Kmart storage containers (right).
Kmart fans were in a frenzy over the $49 fridge storage containers. Source: Getty/TikTok

In the final container, she placed nine Lebanese cucumbers before showing all the containers in the fridge with her fruit and vegetables organised.

Kmart claims on its website the containers keep food fresh in the fridge for longer, with the pack including a six-litre, two 2.8-litre and two 2.5-litre containers.

"Multifunctional storage container with adjustable air vent and inner tray to maintain airflow and keep food fresher for longer," the product description on Kmart's website states.

Other Kmart fans commented on the TikTok praising the discount department store for its $49 product.

"These are the best. I actually put a little cooled boiled water in the bottom and everything stays crisp and fresh for agesssss," one said.

"Excellent idea, have just arrived here in New Zealand and have ordered some before they run out of stock. They look like good strong plastic," another commented.

Lebanese cucumbers and capsicums in the Kmart containers.
The woman showed off her vegetables organised into the containers. Source: TikTok

"I love how organised it makes the fridge look," a third added.

"They are amazing. I can’t live without them. Keeps everything so fresh and crisp," a comment read.

Kmart shopper stuns with little-known bra hack: 'Genius'

It comes after a Kmart shopper has been praised online after she shared a little-known hack to make the discount department store's bras more comfortable.

The woman posted a picture of a lacy dusty pink bra from Kmart in a popular Facebook group, explaining the simple alteration she makes to ensure she can wear them all day long.

"Make sure you cut these out before your first wear," she captioned the photo showing she had removed the side bones from her underwire bra.

"It's super easy because within an hour of wear the bottom is already sticking out and it is super painful.

"The bra still fits fine without the plastic in the sides."

Other Kmart shoppers were shocked by the simple hack, with many saying the woman had solved a common annoyance when wearing the underwear item.

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