Hidden meaning in Kmart shopper's Book Week costume: 'Love it'

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Book Week can be ultra-competitive with parents trying to come up with clever and complicated designs, not just so their child looks good at school but also to show friends and family on socials.

One Book Week costume that made a splash with mums and dads on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Page has an even more touching back story.

Perth mum of three Hamdi shared her first attempt at a handmade costume for her daughter's Book Week at school on the Facebook page and in less than 24 hours got 1300 likes and over 100 comments.

"Book Week costume. I used a $6 pillow fluff; straw hat; raincoat; rain boots; yarn & blue balloons," she wrote in the post, sharing a picture of her daughter Liyanah in the outfit made from Kmart buys.

"We had so much fun making it. She also won best dressed," she added.

A girl dressed as a rain cloud with pillow fluff cloud hat, rain coat, gum boots and balloon string rain drops
Made from a few simple Kmart products, this Book Week costume was a winner. Photo: Supplied

Her fellow group members loved the result.

"That looks great. Congrats on coming up with an awesome costume and congrats to your daughter for winning the prize," one person commented.

"Love it. Will do it for my daughter too," another wrote.

"I loveeeee this," another mum added. "It looks similar to my kids from last year he went as a fart hahaha we used the same cushion infill and stained it with tea hahaha. Book - Nobody Likes A Fart hahaha."

"Love it! Great work. But I need to know, did anyone tell her to get her head out of the clouds?" someone else asked. "Because I definitely would have had to make that joke."

The real story was the touching reason Hamdi's daughter chose the book that she did.

"My aunty recently passed away and my daughter was really upset so I read to her about this book about grief called Lost In The Cloud," Hamdi explained to Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

"My daughter was touched by the main character of the book and decided that's who she wanted to be for Book Week.

"We used the front cover of the book as an inspiration. We planned it out and went to Kmart to buy the materials for the cloud.

Three pictures of a mother and child creating a rain cloud hat as part of a Book Week costume
Hamdi documented the process that she and her daughter went through to create the cute costume. Photo: Supplied

"She won Book Week at her school and not only was she was so happy winning, she had so much fun making it and gluing the fluff onto the hat and even at one point made a comment that she wants to make costumes for her kids now because she was so proud of herself the way it turned out," Hamdi continued.

"She decided when she walked in her parade she would look down as clouds are not a symbol for happiness but for sadness as she wanted to represent how it made her feel when her aunty passed.

"I’m so grateful for the book because it really did help us a lot and now she uses the lessons she learnt to express her emotions," the busy mum added.

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