Kmart's 'heavenly' new smart kettle flying off the shelves

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Kmart shoppers are losing their minds over a ‘heavenly’ new smart kettle that can be operated using your mobile phone.

The 1.7L Smart Variable Temperature Kettle costs $65 and has been flying off the shelves, with people taking to social media to rave about the ‘genius’ kitchen appliance.

Kmart Smart Variable Temperature Kettle
The 1.7L Smart Variable Temperature Kettle costs $65. Photo: Kmart

“You can adjust the temperature from your phone. It's pretty quiet too. Best $65 I've ever spent,” one happy customer wrote on Facebook.

“We don’t even need to leave the bed to put the kettle on,” another raved.


The Kettle has WiFi and works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also features a keep warm function, blue LED lights, a removable filter and a stainless steel heating plate.

There are five adjustable temperature options to choose from, including 80C, 85C, 90C, 95C and 100C.

Kmart smart kettle
The smart kettle is flying off shelves. Photo: Kmart

Others labelled the item “amazing” and “heavenly” with many admitting it would likely be added to their Christmas wish lists.

“I’m getting one!!” one person said.

“May need to add this one to the Christmas list?” another wrote.

There were a few people not completely sold on the idea, calling it ‘lazy’.

“Making people more lazy.. Nice!” was one comment.

You’ll have to do some snooping to see if you can get your hands on one before December. The smart Kettle is sold out online in NSW, but some shoppers are still sharing photos of the item on shelves, so you might get lucky!

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