'This is amazing': Woman transforms fridge using $3 product from Kmart

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

A woman’s genius fridge transformation has gone viral online, after she managed to completely transform her kitchen appliance for under $10. 

Jessica White and her housemate paid $150 for the massive fridge on Facebook's marketplace, however, the only downside to it was that it was covered in dents and scratches. 

Jessica White and her housemate bought this fridge on the Facebook marketplace for $150. Photo: Supplied

After a bit of creative thinking, Jessica decided to give it a full makeover, by covering it in $3 vinyl adhesive from Kmart. 

Best of all, the adhesive is actually a chalkboard roll, meaning Jessica and her housemate can write their weekly shopping list or daily reminders on the front of the bargain appliance.

It took less than three rolls for the pair to cover the front of the fridge with the adhesive, with Jessica revealing that it cost them less than $10 to completely revamp the second-hand item. 

She transformed the fridge using $3 Kmart vinyl adhesive. Photo: Supplied

Since sharing it online just hours ago, it’s already been liked nearly 3,000 times, with the transformation inspiring others to try their own hand at some DIY around the house. 

“Wow that's awesome mine is all scratched from kids will have to give this a go,, thanks for sharing,” one person wrote. 

“I usually HATE the whole contact/vinyl trend, but I love this! Looks classy and is extra functional. Great job,” another person said. 

Others shared photos of their own fridges, with one person using marble adhesive to create a different look. 

Jessica and her housemate can now write on the front of the fridge. Photo: Supplied
The vinyl costs just $3 from Kmart. Photo: Supplied

However, some warned that while it’s fine for Jessica to have covered a second-hand product in adhesive, others should make sure that the makeover won’t affect the warranty of their fridge before they run to the shops to stock up on adhesive. 

“Looks amazing! I saw some other posts about people putting it on electronics though and they were warned that it can make it overheat and warp the vinyl. Also voids all warranty (not relevant to your marketplace find but for anyone in the comments wanting to copy!) Looks amazing though, you’ve done a great job,” one person wrote. 

“I see a lot of posts about vinyl contact when people use it. I think yeah they look great but do understand that putting it on furniture will create a mess and destroy it if you ever pull it off,” another said. 

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