Kmart fan's $3 table tennis ball DIY stuns: 'Best hack I've seen'

Gillian Wolski
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A Kmart fan’s DIY project using the store’s $3 table tennis balls has made such a splash on social media that it’s been deemed ‘one of the best hacks ever’ by admiring Facebook users.

Maria, from Victoria, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that transforming the white and orange balls into sleek and stylish candle holders is an ‘easy peasy’ project.

A pack of table tennis balls, silver spray paint and plastic wine glasses on top of a sheet of newspaper.
A Kmart fan's $3 table tennis ball DIY has been hailed 'one of the best hacks' online. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

In fact, it involves just four materials that many of us might already have at home: plastic party glasses with a stem, a hot glue gun, chrome spray paint and, of course, a pack or two of table tennis balls.

“First I remove the bottoms of the plastic party glasses then I glue the balls together using a hot glue gun,” she explains.

“Next, I glue the plastic cup bottoms at either end of the balls and then I spray paint them in a chrome colour paint available at Bunnings and that’s it!” she adds.

Maria made her candle holders different heights by using three balls for one and four for the other to create a bit of interest and contrast.


A pair of silver candle holders made out of table tennis balls and silver spray paint
Maria explained that she only used lit candles to take this photo and plans on swapping them out for battery-powered candles for safety reasons. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

She was so pleased with the end result that she shared some snaps of her hack on Facebook and was soon met with much praise.

“Very creative, thanks for sharing,” wrote one fan.

“That looks amazing!!” added another.

One went as far as to make this bold claim: “One of the best hacks I’ve seen!” they declared.

As several elements of the DIY are flammable, Maria made sure to explain that she only used lit candles to take a few quick photos before swapping them out for battery-powered candles.

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