Woman's surprising find inside Kmart delivery: 'Made me smile'

Sarah Carty
·Lifestyle Editor
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A woman has shared her surprise at the heartwarming find inside her Kmart delivery.

Jaimie Leigh from NSW said she was humbled when she opened up the box recently only to discover a note left inside from the employee who had packed the maternity singlets she had ordered.

Kmart note with delivery
Jaimie Leigh from NSW found this heartwarming note inside her delivery from Kmart. Photo: Supplied

The note read: “If you haven’t been told today I am proud of you,” with a love heart added at the end.

It was signed off by Bec, who added a little love heart beside her name.

"I had just ordered some maternity singlets as I’m getting ready to have my first child,” Leigh told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I thought it was lovely and a sweet thing to get from a stranger.”

Leigh said it really made her smile and brightened up her day.


A shoppers leaves a Kmart store in Sydney on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015.
She had bought some maternity singlets as she prepares to have her first child. Photo: Getty Images

She posted an image of the note to a Facebook page alongside the caption:” I got some stuff delivered today. I opened it up to find this in it. Thanks Bec.”

People online loved Bec’s gesture, with one saying: “We need more Bec’s in the world”.

“Employee of the month right there,” another wrote, while another person wrote: “Something as simple as this will put a smile on your dial all day.”

Another person said they had also received a note in their Kmart delivery.

“I had a a little note that said have a great day made me smile because I was actually having a shit day with my depression,” they wrote.

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